Our Authors

Alexandra Peterson

Alexandra is a writer and a volunteer actress for a local amateur theater based in Seattle, WA. Her mission is to complete as many different volunteer activities as possible. Alexandra's specializations include volunteering non-profits, the entertainment industry, eating yummy vegetarian stuff, and all things green including spinach.

Christen Tung

Christen is a freelance writer residing in Mount Holly, N.J. She writes for several online magazines, and she also helps her clients improve their marketing efforts by writing newsletters, brochures, content, press releases, etc. When she's not working on improving the environment, Christen enjoys visiting her local farmer's market, reading, traveling and gardening.

Nate Boggess

Nate is a student at West Virginia State University studying History. His past writings have addressed entertainment, food, travel, history and other topics. His writings can be read in multiple places around the net.