Creatively unique baby shower gift ideas for boys girls moms guests

Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Boys, Girls, Moms and Guests

Baby shower is a big deal for families. And there’s no feeling like finding the perfect gift. Check our list of baby shower gift ideas or use this list to spur creativity and find your unique gift.

Baby Shower Gifts For Boys

Teddy Bears

Every child should have a teddy bear. Be the one to give this classic gift.

Personalized Teddy Bear

Personalized Teddy Bear: $35.00

The teddy bear is a time-honored tradition as it ‘bear’ly changed since 1902. It’s possible that your great-grandparents enjoyed the same toy as children do now. We think this is a great baby shower gift because it’s surpassed the test of time!

Personalize The Gift

The Build-a-Bear Workshop allows you to stuff and design your teddy bear. Although baby can’t do this on her own, it’s a great option for older kids, if the family has any. Or make an outfit from a store bought. Dress it up like mommy or daddy!

My Teddy Bear Picks

A huggable, loveable teddy bear will make any child smile. I found boxing teddy bears, doctor teddy bears, and even biker teddy bears!

Giant Teddy Bear

Giant Teddy Bear: $159.99


Chocolate Teddy Bear

Chocolate Teddy Bear: $13.79

Stuffed Teddy Bear Toy with LED Night Light

Stuffed Teddy Bear with LED Light: $11.99

Wooden Toys

Everyone adores wooden toys. There’s no wonder why parents love receiving a wood toy as a baby shower gift. If it’s important for you to give a gift which is cherished, of course, consider giving a wooden toy as a baby shower gift.

Handmade Natural Wooden Baby Development and Discovery Set

Handmade Natural Wooden Baby Development and Discovery Set: $24.95

There are a plethora of wooden toy options; puzzles, pull toys, blocks, yo-yo’s, trains, beads, baseball bats, wagons, and dollhouses. The list goes on and on.

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Customize It

Many specialty retailers offer personalization services for their wooden toys. If a company uses laser engraving technology, the customization options are vast, and the level of detail is incredible.

For those with artistic abilities, consider painting baby’s name on the toy. Or ask a talented friend.


Why give a toy when you can give the box where they are stored? Consider giving a heavy-duty toy box.

My Wooden Toy Picks

Have you ever heard someone gloat about the timeless quality of plastic? We don’t think so. You can’t go wrong with wood.

Elephant Wooden Push and Pull Toy

Elephant Wooden Push and Pull Toy: $9.99


Little Plane Wooden Toy Vehicle

Little Plane Wooden Toy Vehicle: $9.42

Rubber Ducks

Give a baby shower gift that will make bathtime extra fun. A baby bath set is just what new parents need. Parents cherish bath time with the baby. Likewise, kids love bath time. What a lovely time for both bath giver and receiver!

Rubber Ducks

50 Pieces Rubber Ducks: $25.99

Playing with rubber ducks are a cherished part of childhood. Just ask Ernie from Sesame Street! Giving a rubber duckie along with other bathtime necessities makes a great gift idea.

A baby bath set is a great gift because these items aren’t usually first on parents’ list of things to buy. We suggest color coordinating a bath set for the new baby. Include baby towels, baby wash, tear-free shampoo and a baby towel. You can even find luxurious baby bathrobes. What will they think of next?

Personalize The Gift

You can personalize the baby towels or bathrobes with the newborn’s name.


Put your child bath set in a cute basket. Guests and parents alike will ‘ooh’ and ‘awe’ over this adorable baby shower gift!

My Thoughts

When photographing a child, many of the best pics include a baby holding (or playing with) a rubber duck. In addition to the many other reasons this makes a cute baby shower gift, rubber ducks are also a great photography prop!



For those baby shower guests who value tradition, a classic toy sailboat is a great gift idea. Not everything present day has to hook up to an outlet. This traditional gift idea is just as cherished by today’s tots.

The Sailboat Play and Rock Ride On

The Sailboat Play and Rock Ride On: $110.30

Sailboats make great baby shower gifts. A wooden toy sailboat looks great when displayed in the nursery, and will be a source of much fun for the baby in a couple of short years.

Most specialty toy stores and online retailers stock sailboats. Look for a solid wood toy sailboat.

Personalize The Sailboat

Sailboats can be personalized or monogrammed. Consider naming the boat after the baby’s last name. If the child’s last name is Clooney, name it ‘S.S. Clooney.’ Topping this shower gift would be hard!


Small wooden ducks (floatable) are a less common but equally fab gift.

My Sailboat Picks

Do you ever wish the world could take a big, deep breath and go back to a simpler time, say, 100 years ago? By gifting a baby with a traditional toy, you’re also passing on the values of your family’s past generations.

Little Sailboat Wooden Toy

Little Sailboat Wooden Toy: $9.49


Baby Shower Gifts For Girls

Baby Shoes

Guests will be “oohing” and “awing” when you open the gift box!

Cute Baby Toddler Stripes

5 Pairs Cute Baby Toddler Stripes: $8.99

Since infants can’t walk, they don’t need shoes. But putting all that aside, who can think of anything cuter than baby’s little feet and the expensive shoes that cover them? Check out Pediped, a company that specializes in podiatrist-recommended baby and children’s shoes.

Personalize The Gift

Gender-specific baby shoes are a good option if baby’s sex is known. There are many personalization services online.  Also, consider giving the baby an outfit complete with a pair of matching shoes.

Some Other Options

Many parents choose to bronze their baby’s shoes after they’ve grown out of their first pair. Getting parents a gift certificate for this service will put you one step ahead of mom and dad!

My Picks

You may also want to consider giving the baby some boots or sandals.

Waterproof Sandal

Waterproof Sandal: $54.95


Piggy Bank

A classic piggy bank can be a great baby shower gift. Start saving early! The piggy bank is a great, perfect baby gift. And as a bonus, the pig can also aid children in learning financial responsibility and the importance of saving money.

Ceramic Sail Boat Piggy Bank

Ceramic Sail Boat Piggy Bank: $10.00

Piggy banks have changed a lot in recent years. There are designer piggy banks now. There are electronic, singing, moving and interactive piggy banks. Oh yeah, and there are still ‘pig’ piggy banks.

Personalize The Gift

If your bank is the shape of an animal, create a small shirt or jacket to slip over the animal. Embroider the baby’s name on this shirt. Make sure the cloth does not interfere with the hole for depositing money.

If the piggy bank has a ceramic or hard surface, consider having an airbrush studio write the baby’s name on the bank. Airbrush Studios are very affordable.

What else?

Put some coins in the piggy bank. Start baby off with a little spending money!

My Piggy Bank Picks

Every child needs a piggy bank. And this baby shower gift idea also teaches financial responsibility. The gift giver can take great pride should the little one grow up to be a Wall Street investment banker or titan of an industry!

Pig Piggy Bank

Pig Piggy Bank: $22.19

Sip Cups

A baby and toddler have a lot of sipping to do their first couple years. Sip cups makes a great baby shower gift. Babies and toddlers make big messes while learning to drink – unless they have the sip cups! Those searching for a useable baby shower gift take note.

Philips Avent My Twist N Sip Straw Cup

Philips Avent My Twist N Sip Straw Cup: $9.99

Sip cups are a frequently overlooked baby shower gift. But they shouldn’t be. Infants and toddlers will soon be learning to drink, and there’s no better way than by using a sip cup. And parents can always use more than one cup. They’ll keep one at home, one in the car and one in the diaper bag.

Customize The Cup

Customize the sip cup with a color coordinated burp cloth. Or get creative and find a different way to make your cup unique. You can even put baby’s picture onto a sip cup!

Other Alternatives

Include sip cups as part of a picnic set for baby. This great gift set idea encourages family time.

My Thoughts

The ultimate in usefulness, sip cups are guaranteed to be appreciated by mom and dad. And they’ll save parents from having to clean up messy spills!


Building Blocks

Playing with building blocks can help a baby develop valuable reaching and grasping skills, making them a great baby shower gift idea. Kids will love building blocks. And parents will love to see their child receive a gift to develop motor skills.

Wooden Baby Building and Stacking Toy



Wooden Baby Building and Stacking Toy: $6.99

Building blocks make great shower gifts. As early as three months, a baby starts waving and batting at objects. By six months, a baby should be able to reach and grab for objects. By incorporating blocks into the infant’s first months, these valuable skills can be fostered and developed.

Building blocks come in all types and sizes. Most are plastic and can be locked in place. Or choose from pine wood, hardwood or opt for the painted variety. Block size matters. Make sure the smallest blocks cannot be swallowed by the newborn.


Similar gifts are small boxes and softballs. Both are suitable for stacking and knocking down. Many of the softballs vibrate or play music.

My Building Block Picks

It may seem premature to give a toy as a gift, but we love the idea. Most gifts are good for the first few months. Stay ahead of the game and give the baby toys.

Wooden Alphabet Blocks

Wooden Alphabet Blocks: $10.87


Plush Animals

Giving plush animals as a baby gift raises a question. Who will like this baby shower gift more – baby, mommy or daddy? Plush animals are a standard baby shower gift. But when personalized, this stuffed wonder will stand out in a crowd.

Sugar N Spice Doll

Sugar N Spice Doll: $9.99

Stuffed animals come in all shapes and sizes, much more than when mom was a baby. Choose from exotic and jungle animals, life-sized animals, and interactive animals.

Customizing The Animals

Make your gift special by personalizing it with an embroidered shirt or jacket. Or make an outfit commonly found on mom or dad. Is dad in the military? Dress your plush animal as a soldier.


You can use the stuffed animals later as teaching tools. Accompany your gift with a relating book about the same animal.

My Picks

Beautiful plush animals are a lot like babies. They are both soft, adorable and totally huggable. You can’t go wrong with this idea!

Glowing Dolphin Plush Toys

Glowing Dolphin Plush Toys: $17.99

Baby Shower Gifts For Mom

Footprints Frame

This baby shower gift will become a unique keepsake for parents. Baby’s hands and feet are so tiny, precious and cute. Capture this memory before baby grows up!

Footprints FrameFootprints Frame: $19.95

Give a picture frame to display the imprint of the upcoming baby’s footprints. Before wrapping the gift, replace the existing frame’s photo with a high-quality white construction paper. Using poster paint, use your thumb to create where the baby’s footprints and baby pic should be placed. Doing so will inform the gift recipient how they should use it. Include a second sheet of construction paper for parents to use. Also, include a non-toxic poster paint along with your gift.

Do you want the frame personalized? Pretty up the picture frame in your desired color or with the baby’s name, if known.

When the parents get the baby’s footprint:

To get baby’s footprint, just paint on a thin layer of poster paint and press baby’s foot firmly down on the paper. Repeat with the other foot. Allow to dry and frame accordingly.


Handprints are also cute and perhaps easier to capture.

My Thoughts

Not only will parents love this baby shower gift, but when your child grows into toddler, he or she will look back in awe asking, ‘Was I that small?’


Silver Spoons

A silver spoon set can be a great keepsake gift to give the baby being honored.

Personalized Sterling Silver Baby Feeding Spoon

Personalized Sterling 100% Silver Baby Feeding Spoon: $99.00

Silver spoons are a classic baby gift. You can find them at jewelry and specialty stores.

Personalizing The Spoon

Most silver spoons are engravable. Engraving baby’s initials, date of birth or full name will beautifully personalize the gift. Check in a jewelry store or online.


A silver spoon set, complete with the drinking cup and cloth napkin, is a preferred alternative.

My Thoughts

A keepsake hutch favorite, this gift will be displayed for years to come.


Photo Album

Say cheese! Give a cute photo album as a gift and begin making memories!

Flower Personalized Photo Album

Personalized Photo Album: $46.00

A great photo album can be the start of something special – capturing life’s moments on film and saving them in a pretty book is a precious thing. Equip parents with a beautiful album and let them do the rest!

Personalize The Album

Personalize this gift with color, and add some personal touches- write baby’s name on the inside cover, add personalized stickers, or buy a monogrammed one.


Take some stunning pictures at the baby shower and mail prints to the parents. It will be a welcomed surprise to add to their album.

My Picks

Capturing the life of a child through photography is an invaluable gift. Start the process off right.

Winter Baby wall art

Winter Baby Wall Art: $189.00


DIY Baby Shower Gifts


Help your baby battle the winter in style by giving the gift. Cute as a button! Give the gift of warmth for a baby shower present.

DIY mitten

DIY Mitten

A beautiful pair of mittens is a cherished gift to be given at a baby shower. You have plenty of choices at baby boutiques and specialty retailers. We found thumbless, crocheted and organic styles. If knitting is one of your talents, consider giving a homemade pair of mittens. Otherwise, specialty baby boutiques offer cute warm-weather accessories. Remember to estimate what size baby will wear when winter comes.

Personalizing The Gift

Mittens are another gift perfect for monogramming. Put the baby’s first initial on one glove and the last initial on the other!


Pair this gift with a book about the three little kittens that lost their mittens. Three little kittens lost their mittens, and they began to cry!

My DIY Picks

Gone are the days of drab winter clothing for baby. These days, baby can be as or more stylish than mom and dad!

Personalized Maple Wall Clock
Personalized Clock


Under-bed Storage Box

Baby washcloth cupcake

Baby Washcloth Cupcake


No-sew fleece octopus

No-sew fleece octopus


DIY Sleep Sack

DIY Sleep Sack


Gauzey Swaddle Blankets Gauzey Swaddle Blankets


Stuffed Kitty Pillow

Stuffed Kitty Pillow


Best Baby Shower Gifts

Wooden Blocks

Creating, building, learning. This baby gift idea might inspire greatness!

The Idea

Wooden blocks are a classic gift idea. It’s possible by giving the new baby wooden blocks; you’re giving a gift that baby’s great-grandparents would have played with in their childhood.

The most reasonable wooden block choice would be the alphabet style. A modern alternative to alphabet blocks would be a style with sign language images included.

Building blocks also make a great baby shower gift idea. This simple gift could inspire a future engineer or architect.

Personalizing The Blocks

If the baby’s sex is known, consider choosing appropriate colored blocks.

Other Alternatives

There are many great classic wooden toys. Consider giving a wooden pull-toy, train or a very special toy box.

My Wooden Block Picks

Simple toys are often a child’s favorite. And taking pictures of a baby playing with building blocks will become a priceless treasure.

Magnetic Wooden Blocks

Magnetic Wooden Blocks: $25.00

Boots For Babies

Give the baby with a pair of baby boots.

Baby Boots

Baby Boots: $11.99

Babies are always cute in shoes. What about in boots? We can’t think of anything cuter! That’s why we think it’s a great baby gift!

There are several styles of boots available. Some companies make knitted boots (or booties), and some make high-quality leather styles. Bobux makes cute styles that are also recommended by pediatricians. You can’t beat that!


It’s important to remember that babies’ feet grow fast. Make sure to estimate the size according to the season accurately.

My Thoughts

As far as gifting the new baby goes, it doesn’t get much cuter than this!


Funny Baby Shower Gifts

Chew Toys As A Gift

Help parents with a high-quality teething product to prepare for baby’s discomfort.

Teether for Babies

Teether for Babies: $12.99

It will help during the uncomfortable times when baby’s first teeth start appearing. Teething and chew rings can help relieve some of this discomfort.

There are many varieties of teething products available – there are even designer styles to choose! Some parents prefer to use a sterling silver form, which you can later keep as an heirloom. Otherwise, plastic and gel-filled toys are standard.


Accompany this gift with a baby-sized toothbrush and toothpaste. Remember not to brush baby’s gums with toothpaste, only water. Toothpaste is used only when the real teeth first appear.

My Fun & Entertaining Picks

Giving teething or chew rings as a baby shower present is mindful and will be appreciated by parents. Oh yeah, they baby will thank you too!

Wooden Teether

Wooden Teether: $10.99


Educational Grasping Rattles

Educational Grasping Rattles: $12.99

Baby Shower Gifts For Guests

Of course, as a matter of courtesy, it’s a nice practice to respond to the presents from the guests. Shower party favors will work just fine. They don’t need to be expensive, but you also should not cut corners. Give them something proper that reflects the spirit of a shower party. Just check out our Baby Shower Favors post for further details.


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