Turkey Lifter

Best Turkey Carving Set Guide 2018

Carving Tools: A Turkey Day Guide

Turkey carving: It’s the ultimate DIY job on Thanksgiving. Don’t mess with a dull blade when you’ve got a table full of hungry holiday-goers. These cutting-edge tools will help you make short work of your Thanksgiving bird.

Ever since the Pilgrims and Natives shared their first fall feast, the hunt has been on for gadgets to make the turkey carving easier. When the electric knife burst onto the scene a few decades ago, gadget fans vibrated with delight. What could spell the golden age of machines more vividly than an electric kitchen blade?

Admittedly, no turkey-carving gadget since then has matched the decadence of the electric carving knife. But there are some contenders to be thankful for. Here, we highlight our five favorite turkey-carving gadgets, each tailored to a particular kind of DIYer.

The Uber Prepared

Anyone smarter than a turkey knows that to carve a bird, you’ve got to get it up and out of the roasting pan. But how? Unless that bird is rigged up beforehand, you end up with a sizzling hot and cumbersome bundle to heave-ho.

Your Gadget: Turkey Lifters

Turkey lifters are a pair of ergonomically designed, wide fork with prongs several inches apart and many inches long. To use, stick one lifter into each side of the bird, get your balance, then lift and shift, gracefully, to a platter. These 18/10 stainless steel All-Clad utensils cost about $35 for the pair.

Turkey Lifter

Stainless Steel Poultry and Meat Prong

Before you lift the turkey from the pan, though, remember that good cooks suggest allowing your bird to sit for 30 minutes before carving lets all the juices drain away.

The Luxury DIYer

If you’re into high-end gadgets, you might enjoy spoiling yourself with some of the finest carving knives around.

Shun Classic Two-Piece Carving Set

Shun Classic Two-Piece Carving Set

Your Gadget: Shun Classic Two-Piece Carving Set: a $184 carving knife set in a red-velvet-lined bamboo box.

Mr. or Ms. Practical

Some people prefer function over form. They eat, breathe and live moderation. We’re talking Saturns, Dockers, Hush Puppies, Sears, and the occasional nice meal at Olive Garden.

Your Gadget: Black and Decker Home Slice Right Electric Knife

Black and Decker Home Slice Right Electric Knife

Black and Decker Home Slice Right Electric Knife

This old standard is the #1 Amazon bestseller in the small appliance category. And with good reason. It’s less than $30, has a 7-inch serrated stainless steel blade, a non-slip handle, and a safety lock. After turkey day, you can use it to cut cheese, home-baked bread, gourds, and watermelon.

The Techie

If you believe technology can solve all the world’s problems — or it just makes you euphoric — we’ve got a device for you.

Your Gadget: The Turkey Caller. Uh oh. One problem: this gadget hasn’t been invented yet.

In the future, I envision a sensor that calls your cell phone when the turkey is done. Consider these points:

1) A turkey carves best when it’s perfectly done, neither raw nor fossilized,

2) Sensors already exist that indicate when the turkey is done. They’re called thermometers. Plus, some turkeys come installed with little red buttons that pop up when it’s done. Of course, these technologies require the burden of actually looking into the oven, a tiresome act that lets heat escape. Haven’t we evolved past that?

3) If new washing machines can send a signal to the shop indicating they need service, and the On-Star folks know when you bump your bumper, why can’t a teeny little chip inside the turkey just send your cell phone a simple text: “I’m done. Come and carve me.”

What gadget do you swear by for carving the Thanksgiving turkey?