fairytale garden rug

Gorgeous, Budget-Friendly Rugs For the Nursery on Up

Unless your idea of good nursery chi equals hard, undecorated floors, you’ll probably want to invest in something bright and soft for baby’s space. We’ve scoured the web for original and super affordable rugs that’ll look a million bucks underfoot.

Wings and Wheels … $300

transport area rug sable ozone

This sky blue transportation-themed area rug is equal parts whimsy and modern. The ability to practice your car and airplanes sounds is just icing on the cake!


Give a Hoot … $58

owl rug for nursery

Owls are cool, wise, and so darn cute. So what’s not to love about one made out of soft yarn you can roll around on? We owl-ready love it.


Picture That … $185

fairytale garden rug

If you’ve exhausted your supply of bedtime stories and your girl is still wanting more, this rug’s fairytale garden scene will inspire you to think of something dreamy and new.


Much Room Mushroom

Crochet Upcycled Area Throw Rug

Even if grandma crotchets like a pro, we’re guessing she’s never made anything like this enormous mushroom. You can custom order the colors, so there’s no stress in getting a perfect shroom-to-room match.


Surf’s Up … $60

surfer-style rug

Your kid’s thoughts: ‘D-u-u-u-de. This surfer-style wave graphic is just too chill. When did mom become so rad?’


Abstract Construct … $90

Abstract Construct

This mod rug will look great in any budding artist’s room, and we love the cool muted blues and lavenders.


Let the Sunshine In … $252

Canary Yellow

Not the greatest natural light in baby’s room? Instantly brighten up any space by throwing this canary yellow rug into the mix.


Star Struck … $73

Hipster Superstar Rug

While we’ve seen enough Toddlers in Tiaras to last us a lifetime, that doesn’t mean your girl isn’t a superstar. This diva-worthy, starry rug is cool enough to rock her princess palace into her teens.


Clockwork Orange … $27

Orange Zebra Rug

Bring the jungle into the nursery with this trendy, flaming orange spin on the typical zebra print.


Atari Retro Stripe Rug … $59

Atari Retro Stripe Rug

Any little dude will appreciate the retro gamer feel of this striped, Atari-inspired carpet. If you notice it’s mysteriously missing, we suggest asking hubby first.


2 @we$ome! … $59

Lilac Ampersand Rug

OMG! We’re so in <3 with this totes girly, pink-and-purple rug, we want to make it our BFF. We can already hear your girl saying “thx mom, you’re so kewl!”


Multicolored Evergreen … $45

native american rug

Kind of like the sweet, colorful Native American patterns on it, we see this round rug growing with your kid.