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Design Changes You Can Make to the Exterior of Your Home

People often say that the beauty inside is more important than outside, but I don’t think that applies to everything especially when we are talking about our houses. Our home is our personal living space. The reflection of ourselves. It is important to have both inside and outside stay aesthetically pleasing.

First impressions matter, and it lasts. When people pass by houses, they don’t get to see the inside. They judge the structure based on its interior and curb appeal. A little renovation and facelift can improve the look of any home exterior. Revamping may result in increased value and saleability in the future.

A few little tweaks and added design can significantly enhance and transform a home. Here are a few design changes that you can make to the exterior of your home.

Front Door

The first thing that greets us outside of our home is the front door. This aspect of your exterior can be used to add to the façade and style of your house. As simple as painting a new color that syncs with the design and style you are after can make a huge difference and feels to the overall beauty of your house.

Framing, adding some trim and molding the sides of your door can make it feel and look instantly classy and sophisticated. Adding a door knocker, though may not be entirely useful, also adds a sense of posh to your door. According to Elle Décor, the best color that can add a splash of fun to your doorstep are:

  • Muted Spruce
  • Gloss cherry
  • Persimmon
  • Pistachio
  • Sky Blue
  • Soft Red
  • Pumpkin
  • Navy


More than its use for ventilation and lighting, windows can be tapped to enhance the exterior of a house. It is the eye of a house, so making it suitable for the overall design adds to the beauty of your property. The design you need to go after should be a reflection of your house. If you are going rustic, then your window needs to be made out of natural material or reveal texture.

Modern designs appear to have a greater expanse of window space on the wall. A grand design even displays a floor-to-ceiling window. For a more traditional look, a faux shutter and window box never gets out of style. If you don’t feel like changing the design of your window, just make sure that it is regularly painted, trimmed and sturdy to prevent it from looking old and unkempt.


Not only does it add living space, but it can also add value and beauty to a residential property. There are many benefits of installing and constructing a porch in the exterior of your house.

One way is that it can positively impact the natural light that comes into your house. Two, it gives additional space that is breathable and open. Three, it makes your house appear organized and expensive. Four, it can enhance house security.

Designing your porch can be an effective way to increase the aesthetic value of your property. Putting up some plants can instantly give way to the cool vibes. Adding some lights can improve the feel and ambiances of your house, especially at night during holidays.


Consider your roof as your hair. It is the crowning glory of a house. It may just lay on the background when you generally look at a house, but it is an important feature that not only serves a purpose but can also change the shape and improve the appearance of a property.

Your roofing structure dictates the symmetry of your property. And when we talk about symmetry, you know that those that possess a balanced symmetry are deemed beautiful. Your roof does not speak only of proportion though, the color can also impact the impression your house displays.

Wall Texture

Do you like rustic designs? More comfortable with a monochromatic color scheme? Or prefer the ruggedness of stones? The exterior wall texture can effectively make a statement for you. Without saying a word, it will deliver the message to people on what type of design you are going after.

Make sure to watch out for the materials you are going to use for your textured walls. You don’t want to overwhelm your house with a mixture of materials. Consulting an architect can help you narrow down the options that fit your taste.