DIY mothers day gifts handmade pegboard

17 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts She Won’t Forget Forever

Mother’s Day will be here before we know it. If you’re running low on unique gift ideas, consider a DIY project that will show mom your appreciation with an extra dose of sentimental value.

diy rose from maple leafDIY Roses from Maple Leaves

Want a fun, creative DIY from Mother Nature herself? Look no further than the falling leaves on your front porch, because this is a project straight from heaven! Why not surprise your special someone with a maple leaf bouquet? Of course, you’d have to make the leaf into a rose, but with this great photo tutorial, you should have no problem at all!


Decorate Your Own Tea SetDecorate Your Own Tea Set

With the leaves beginning to change color, I’m dreaming of late nights by the fireplace with my chai tea, of course. I’d love to own a one-of-a-kind tea set, and it looks like Re-Nest has made that possible and on a dime, no less!


Thanksgiving craft with branches

DIY Paper Flowers by Autumn

You will need a vase, a bare branch, an assortment of colored and patterned papers, scissors and a hot glue gun. Cut your branch down to size for whatever vase you plan to use. If your branch is heavy, you may want to put stones, marbles or some other dense material into the base of the vase to keep it from toppling. Trace leaves onto various colors and patterns of paper. Cut out your leaves. Place branch into the vase. Let your hot glue gun heat up, then put small dabs of glue at the base of each leaf and attach it to the branch. Follow the branch’s natural outcroppings to determine your leaf placement and try to vary the colors as you fill each section of branch. Remove any excess strings of hot glue once it has dried.



Handmade Cedar-Lined Under-Bed Storage Box

Fall is here at last. And with great optimism, I recently started the task of pulling my warm-weather clothing out of hibernation. Unfortunately, when I dragged the overstuffed storage bags out from underneath my bed, they ripped wide open. Lovely. I decided I needed to find a creative, durable, low-cost solution. What did I come up with? A DIY under-bed storage.


DIY pegboard
DIY pegboard by Cori from

Handmade Pegboard

Imagine tackling a project with a Martha-style pegboard of supplies. It would be so much simpler with the essential tools all hung up in perfect order. Whenever I see a pegboard, I think that maybe tackling beef bourguignon would be easier if my cookware weren’t crammed inside some hard-to-reach cabinet. A blue-painted pegboard may even have a mapping system to keep track of the dozens of shiny pots and pans.


Coffee Can Lantern

Coffee Can Lantern

Coffee cans: neglected design classics or purely utilitarian? Piera Jolly came up with this DIY coffee can pendant lamp shade design made from shiny silver containers. Brew a fresh cup and get started on yours! Stephanie Lynn also compiled 50 great ideas on her blog, click here to see.




Love glam? Look and learn as two small chests (bought on clearance, bargain hunters!) are refinished and utterly transformed with aluminum leaf. According to our instructor, Jenny, it’s not as hard as you might think, although the prep and application process is a tad time-intensive.





Create a Crackled Paint Faux Finish With Plain School Glue

Got a few extra hours? Give a brand new piece of aged furniture appeal with a crackled paint finish. This crackled paint faux finish adds antique appeal to a new piece of furniture.


Alternative DIY Gift Ideas

Breakfast in Bed by Jeanine:

Cinnamon Quinoa Breakfast Bowl
Cinnamon Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Making sure your mom gets to relax in the morning is a perfect way to start off the day and breakfast in bed is a classic staple. The first step, decide if you are preparing a decadent meal like BBC Good Food’s smoked salmon with mimosas or a lighter meal like homemade juice, fruit salad and a veggie omelet courtesy of Martha Stewart’s perfect omelet recipe. Next task, make sure you have all the ingredients you need and stock up on anything you may be missing. On Mother’s Day, wake up early, prepare breakfast and serve it on a breakfast tray so your mom can eat and enjoy comfortably. For an extra special touch, place a few freshly cut flowers along with a small family photo on the breakfast tray.

Spa Day by Cassie:

15 DIY Spa Projects and Crafts
15 DIY Spa Projects and Crafts

Treat mom to some rest, relaxation, and TLC with a DIY spa day. It’s important to prepare all of your spa treatments before the big day to keep things stress-free. After breakfast, set up a spa station complete with lavender soy candles and spa music in your living room or even on the patio if the weather permits. Consider pampering mom with the following gifts:

Homemade Body Scrub by Stacy Karen:


Soak mom’s feet in a large tub or foot spa and have her use this homemade body scrub. To create the invigorating scrub, combine 1/2 cup of shea butter, 3 TBSP Olive Oil, 3 TBSP Coconut Oil (melted, but not hot), 1/2 cup Brown Sugar. If you wish, you can add the desired amount of lemon zest for color and fragrance, place in a container, label, and use.

Homemade Brightening Face Mask:

In a bowl, combine two tablespoons of sour cream, two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. Apply on clean face and let sit for twenty minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water followed by a splash of fresh water. We recommend making this around the time of use to keep it as fresh as possible.

DIY Cooling Coconut Body Lotion:

All you need for this luscious body cream is coconut oil, aloe vera gel, essential oils and a container with a lid. Whip the coconut oil until solid (you can also refrigerate to help solidify) and then mix it with an electric beater for 6-9 minutes or until fluffy.  Next, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils (think lavender, rose, etc.) and a tablespoon or more of aloe vera gel. Place in your container, label appropriately and voila.

Movie Night:

Spend some bonding time together with a stay-in movie night. Rather than buying a new movie, consider watching your mom’s favorite flick. You can also get creative and place handmade “movie tickets” in your Mother’s Day card. Don’t forget to have treats such as popcorn, cookies and her favorite candy on-hand.

Coupon Book:

If you are still stumped on what to give mom this Mother’s Day, we recommend going with an “I Owe You” coupon book. You can create custom coupons for chores, favors, and treats that your mom can redeem at a later time. She will get a kick out of the various freebies promised, and you will feel good helping her when she needs an extra hand.

DIY Vases & Planters For Mother’s Day:

We love the idea of recycling old fashioned glass bottles and cans by turning them into vases and planters. Try the following:

Bottle Vase: Collect a few glass bottles of your choice, wash them inside and out and let dry. Use a fast-drying spray paint of your color choice and apply directly to bottle, coating evenly. Don’t forget to spray paint the bottom of your bottles when they are ready to be dried upside down. Helpful Tip: Insert a sturdy stick into the mouth of the bottle to allow the underside to dry.

Can Planter: Using a hammer and nail, poke a few holes in the bottom of your selected recycled cans. Use acrylic paint or fast-drying spray paint (we vote for a few fun, vibrant colors) to cover them evenly on all sides. Once you’ve allowed the cans to dry thoroughly, place your flower seeds or seedlings in the new planter with some soil and water as needed. Be careful of where you put your cans, as the holes will allow excess water to drip out.