An easy way to speed up your Mac

One of the most significant advantages of OS X is you don’t need various register cleaners. OS X seems to be able to cope perfectly with a range of caches, system “garbage” and the remains of uninstalled applications.

There is a limit to everything, and sooner or later your Mac will start slowing down, and the disk will run out of space. When that happens, special utilities appear to be necessary. They will maintain the former freshness to your computer. One such progressive app for Mac is CleanMyMac. It can clean all sorts of trash hidden in the depths of the system.

That’s why, when developers from MacPaw got the idea to create a cleaning program for Mac, they faced they a skepticism quite a lot, whether such a program would be somewhat redundant.

Why should we use CleanMyMac?

First, it’s essential to understand what such a program is actually used for. With its approach to installing and deleting programs by simple copying, OS X simplifies the overall practice of using your Mac.

However, most of the programs leave some traces from various settings files and additional data after they are removed. This is something that actually makes quite a lot of sense because if you decide to re-install the application, you wouldn’t have to go through all the hassle again.

But if you are not going to return to this program, such residuals are apparently not necessary. And the uninstallation of software is engaged in cleaning of such files.

Developers from MacPaw haven’t stopped it and have even gone further. It has turned out that there are a lot of things in the operating system of Mac, that users do not need, but they take a significant place on the hard drive. They are localization files for languages which the user will never use, browser caches, email attachments that had been read a long time ago and other stuff.

Every file of the kind usually takes a little space, but when aggregated, they eat off gigabytes of your hard drive, which is valuable on current MacBooks with their limited space on SSD.

CleanMyMac looks carefully for such files and then deletes them carefully. Of course, the majority of applications inflate in time with different caches and temporary files (this is especially true for Tweetbot). Therefore it’s recommended to clean them periodically.

Also, the new version of CleanMy Mac can clean unnecessary iTunes files, as it likes to store the downloaded iOS update files, programs which you have bought, old backup copies of your devices and many other things. Of course, sometimes these files are required, but by cleaning them, you can immediately gain a few gigabytes of space.

The most careful readers may wonder if it will not hurt the system?

Security operations are the main priority for CleanMyMac developers. Each version passes through careful and extended testing runs to avoid harm. Furthermore, the database of “forbidden” files is continuously updated. Also, thanks to the presence of manual mode, you can choose what should be cleaned. It’s recommended that each time you quickly look through the files before deleting something. For example, there is no reason to clear the browser cache forcefully, because there is the data stored, that is necessary for downloading some files from the Internet if you re-enter the site. Generally, everybody will have his own exceptions for the software they use and the working habits.

You can find more details and features of the application here:

Don’t waste your time, just speed up your Mac!