easter basket

Eco-Friendly Easter Basket Tips

Easter is around the corner, which means it’s time to start preparing Easter baskets for your kiddos. Check out the tips below we spotted to make one that is eco-friendly:

Easter Basket:

  • Reusing your Easter basket year after year is an easy way to reduce waste.
  • For ambitious earth-lovers, consider making your basket from paper, wool or traditional basket-making materials, depending on how crafty you are.
  • If you’re not a very craft-savvy individual, you can still keep it earth-friendly by purchasing a fair trade basket.


  • Instead up wasting money and paper on Easter grass that will just be thrown away after the holiday, shred paper from old magazines. You can even reuse the shredded paper for shipping packages once Easter is over, for even less waste.
  • If you want more traditional Easter-looking grass for your basket, be sure to purchase natural or recyclable filler like raffia or Kraft shred.
  • Dedicated environmentalists should consider growing real grass inside their basket! Line your basket with aluminum foil or plastic wrap, fill it with soil and sprinkle a handful of wheat berries or rye grass. Keep it warm and moist and once it begins to sprout put it in the sunlight.

Easter Eggs:

  • Make sure to purchase eggs that are local or organic.
  • Make your colorants with ½ cup of water, 1 tbsp of vinegar and a few drops of food coloring and in just a few minutes your eggs will be their Easter appropriate shades.

Easter Treats:

  • For candy, go with fair trade chocolate, organic lollipops or organic fruit snacks.
  • A pocket magnifying glass for examining bugs or leaves for your little adventurers will encourage your little ones to explore outside.
  • Books like Counting in the Garden, Guess How Much I Love You, Little Quack Music: Animal Playground are all great choices for kids.

Get The Look: Happy Easter Home Decor

It’s time to decorate for spring and what better way than to celebrate Easter. Amazon has a great selection of versatile pieces to create a gorgeous centerpiece, mantle decoration or side table display.  Start off with a white Langdon Vase made of earthenware with a distressed glazed finish.  They are available in 4 different sizes so you can find one just right for your space.  Add a faux cherry blossom branch. With its wire stem, it can be bent for shaping the arrangement. Then, use a set of faux eggs hanging from twine to spell out “Happy Easter” from the branches.  The set is hand painted in ivory with hand-applied black letter decals.  Finally, surround your arrangement with candles, Sisal Bunnies or any other items that make you think spring.