gifts for car lovers

Gifts for the car fanatic in your life

Getting a gift for someone who’s a car enthusiast is always slightly tricky. Lovingly called gearheads, these car enthusiasts usually have the latest know-how on everything automobile related. At such times, innovation is the key. The best way to figure out what you can gift would be to sit once or twice in their cars and take stock of everything you see with a critical eye. Check to see if the seat covers are frayed, the floor mats are spoilt, or the paint on the car is scratched and peeling off in certain places. Check if they have the latest in technology or comfort that will make their drive more enjoyable. Items like a dash cam can even lower the person’s insurance costs, which can be easily done with an online auto insurance quote.

Once you’ve taken a quick stock of everything in their car, you’re better prepared to go and start your shopping. From stuff that has multiple uses for things that can only be used in cars, you can line your options according to your observations. Also, remember to have a budget ready when you go shopping. Otherwise, you might end up overspending.

Let us help you narrow down a few gifts for the car fanatic in your life.

Personalized vinyl wrapping:

Personalized vinyl wrapping is a fantastic gift idea. It makes the car unique and customized, it does not affect the original paint of the car, it protects from scratches and scuffs, and is easily uninstalled. Vinyl wraps come in carbon fiber, matte, glossy, polish, chrome, and chameleon finishes. With a vinyl car wrap, your gift will make the entire car look brand new!

Personalized vinyl wrapping

If you’re unsure whether you want to gift a vinyl wrap for the entire car, you could opt for vinyl graphics to personalize the car for your loved one. You could also get custom vinyl prints for the roof, hood, steering wheel, tires, grills, or boot of the car. The options with vinyl wrapping are endless. Your gearhead is sure to be wowed by such a thoughtful gift!

Car care kit:

Car care kit

Complete Car Care Kit: $90 – $100

Most car fanatics love taking care of their own vehicles. The best gift you could give someone like that is a car care kit. You can customize the gift by choosing the highest rated, most popular car care products online or you can buy the entire kit from a single manufacturer. Many automobile showrooms also keep car care kits according to the models and make. If you know when and where the car was originally purchased, you could buy the kit directly from the automobile company that created it. With a car care kit, the car will start looking brand new again.



Premium In-Car Dashcam: $130 – $150

Dashcams are the latest in-car technology love. A good quality dashcam can record accidents, races, new footage of milestones achieved while driving, recording adventures, and so on. Most drivers use the dashcam as a method to protect themselves in the case of an accident or an insurance claim. This helps get a clearer view of what actually happens while driving. Racing enthusiasts are also known to use dashcams to analyze their driving patterns and find ways to improve their performance.


Tool Set: $40 – $50

A tool set is a slightly expensive gift, but you can search for options that fit your budget. This is an ideal gift for gearheads who love working on their own cars. Toolboxes are also perfect gifts if you know that the earlier set of tools has caught rust or is beginning to show signs of wear and tear. Toolkits come in a variety of shapes and sizes of spanners, nuts, bolts, and screwdrivers for ease of use on multiple cars. Gifting a set of tools will bring the smile back to their faces, and you’ll be able to gift them true happiness!

A new car:

If you have a huge budget and want to make your gift an extra special one, simply buy a new tuner car for your loved one! No matter which type of car you buy, the car enthusiast in your life is sure to love it. Whether it’s a brand new car, or a slightly used one, anyone who loves tinkering beneath the bonnet of the car is sure to love this ideal gift!

While searching for gifts for the car fanatic in your life, remember that there are inexpensive options like travel mugs, floor mats, racing video games, driving shoes, aviator sunglasses, t-shirts with car brands, or tickets to race. Select the one that best fits your budget and specifications.