5 Gifts For Successful Men

successfull men gifts

What’s a perfect gift for a man who doesn’t need anything? Well, it may sound like an exaggeration, but you probably have a successful friend who can afford virtually all he needs.

What’s a perfect gift for a man who doesn’t need anything? Well, it may sound like an exaggeration, but you probably have a successful friend who can afford virtually all he needs. So the present shouldn’t be of the utilitarian sort. If you want to impress someone not subject to material needs, it must be a pack of emotions or a door to discover something new in his life. A kind of pirate map where X marks the spot.

Got the idea? Not a thing to use, but a challenge, an emotion, something out of range. What can it be today? Well, let’s review some options.

An extreme journey: If your friend is of that good old unbreakable type (in fact, any man believes he is), you can invite him to a mountain trip or a boat tour. Behind the ticket, there’s a kind of experience money can’t buy. That’s a challenge to accept, a one-on-one stands not so common today. And if he couldn’t afford a weekend for this trip, you can provide a good reason to.

A good actual dictionary: No one can boast that he knows all the words in the world (except for, maybe, Chuck Norris, but it’s all the words that know him). A good dictionary doesn’t have to be a physical book. It can be as well subscription for a new type of online dictionary (like WordPanda.net, Wiktionary.org or TopAcronyms.com). Not only learning new words is a must in modern business; it can also be fun. And, again, knowledge can’t be directly bought; one has to master it. That’s a challenging kind of gift, a real masculine one.

A family weekend in a theme park or other entertainment area: That’s something your addressee may have enough money for, but not enough time. That will be a mild reminder to spend some time with his family, acceptable and pleasant for everyone involved. Maybe the recipient will be grateful for providing such a reason to put business aside for some time.

A cookbook: Well, you may meet in top restaurants, but cooking is a kind of meditation and relaxation businessmen may have never thought of. It can be a real break he needs and discovering it is another experience so hard to afford. Well, some say cooking is a man’s work; we won’t be that strict, but anyway, it’s work upgradable to art. Keep it in mind while selecting a cookbook for a man: cooking is an art.

Funny socks: Well, the official dress code may be as conservative as can be, but there are elements not meant to be seen by everyone, and socks are that kind. A piece of fun close to the skin; a real warm emotion beneath your feet. This option is for those close enough, maybe, for family members first.

Beware, some of these ideas may be misinterpreted. For example, if your friend has been caught with holes in his socks, this present can work as a bad reminder, no matter how close you are. If he tends to confuse words, a dictionary will be more of a laugh than of real assistance. Be careful selecting the gift.

But if there’s any warm feeling behind your present, you better put it all in. The price of your gift may be infinitesimal, but your attitude should feel infinite. That’s what makes a good gift.

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