How to decorate backyard summer party

How to Decorate for a Backyard Summer Party?

How to decorate backyard summer party

Decorating for a backyard summer party can be simple, inexpensive, and fabulous all at the same time with just a little preparation and a few personal touches in your yard and on your table.

I decorated for my summer backyard party with several inexpensive elements that still had a bit of pizzazz, even if they didn’t break the bank. I also shared a few tips on how to decorate your patio here. Depending on who you’re inviting to the barbecue, you can add personal touches to your decor that will appeal to your guests and double as party favors when it’s time to send guests on their way home.

Water balloons

Water balloons:

This is a great kids activity. Since we always host informal family barbecues at our house, water balloons are an easy way to decorate. All those fun colors in a glass bowl will keep hot kids happy at the same time. As long as parents don’t mind kids getting soaked while they cool off from the heat of the summer sun, water balloons are a safe and easy bet for happy kids.

Water balloon pumping station

Water Balloon Pumping Station – $14.94

Fresh Flowers

Beautiful summer flowers are one of the easiest and least expensive ways to decorate for a party. If you don’t have access to fresh flowers in your yard, like the ones I used for my backyard party, purchase inexpensive mixed summer bouquets at the grocery store. Even if some of the flowers don’t match the color palette of your party, it’s okay; pull out what you don’t want and mix and match flowers until you come up with arrangements you’re happy with. In a pinch use old canning jars for vases instead of stressing about taking your lovely ornaments outside.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers – $39.95

Simple tablecloth/tablerunner:

Hostess with the Mostess inspired me to decorate for a backyard party with beach bag elements in my styling. Using a big striped beach towel as a tablecloth for a patio table brings a big pop of color to the party with absolutely no effort on your part. Fold the beach towel in half and use as a table runner or spread it out and use as a whole tablecloth. Additional beach towels can be draped over the back of a few chairs to re-emphasize the casual, colorful theme of the party. Or buy this beautiful recycled Kantha table runner.

Recycled Kantha Table Runner

Recycled Kantha Table Runner – $ 29,99

Portable lanterns:

Something to keep in mind when hosting any event in your yard where you’re depending on the light of the sun is extra or backup lighting. Hanging, battery or solar-powered lanterns does more than add a pop of color to your yard. They can actually help light up the party after dark. Scatter lanterns throughout the yard hanging from trees or set them at individual tables as beautiful, colored centerpieces that will glow well into the night. These cute portable lanterns will not only look cool at your backyard, but also entertain the kids.

Portable lanterns

Portable Glowing Lanterns – $24.99 

Fireworks as decorations:

Depending on what’s legal in your area, fireworks can be an excellent way to decorate tables. They serve as takeaway party favors at the end of the night. If you’re throwing a summer party with families, like we always do, snaps are perfect for children of all ages. All your guests, big and small, will be thrilled by the sparklers when it starts getting dark.

Fireworks as decorations

Have fun in your decorating, and you’ll enjoy your backyard party as much as your guests will!