How to Give Your Home a Buckingham Palace Makeover

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex may have distanced themselves from royal duties, but that has only increased the global focus on the monarchy. At the same time, thousands of people up and down the UK remain ardent supporters of the Queen and her family.

Millions walk down The Mall every year and take a picture in front of Buckingham Palace, basking in the presence of such an iconic landmark, which acts as the royals’ London residence. It serves as a major attraction for locals and tourists alike, and its exterior grandeur is matched only by its plush décor inside.

If you’re looking to add a sizeable splash of luxury to your life, maybe you’d like to model your home on one of the capital’s most recognizable buildings? It’s unlikely you’ll be working with the same square footage, of course, and you may wish to consider your financial options before taking on such a significant project, but here are a few tips to give your place a Buckingham Palace makeover…

Go red

virtual guided tour of the real thing quickly offers an insight into the appropriate color scheme – red. In feng shui circles, red symbolizes power, so why not add some significant crimson splashes, raspberry, or scarlet? It could be done in the form of carpets, wallpaper, paint, or the drapes (more on those later), and you’ll soon be transforming your property into a palatial paradise.

Use gilded furnishings

Does that tired old stool need a spruce up? Is that mirror in need of a makeover? Adding a touch of gold leaf to your furniture should do the job very nicely. Not only will it help to cover signs of wear and tear, but it’ll leave your home looking especially lavish as a result.

Hang drapes

Everyone knows a stately home or royal residence is not complete without some classic drapes, so do away with those Venetian blinds and hang some elegant floor-to-ceiling curtains in their place. If you’re feeling especially regal, you could even swap out your bed for a four-poster and adorn it with drapes, ensuring you can block out that bright morning sunlight and enjoy a luxurious lie in.

Accessorise appropriately

Of course, every palace requires the odd little touch of opulence. You might want to think about replacing your standard light fitting with a magnificent chandelier, investing in a sparkling silver cutlery set, or even purchasing an extravagant bed for your Corgi (or whichever breed of dog you have). 

By including just a few of these features, you’ll be the envy of all your friends – and maybe even the Queen herself.