Ford Mustang

How To Replace Brakes on a Ford Mustang

With all the different parts you need to replace on a car over its lifetime, you’d think more companies would standardize portions of their systems, so you don’t have to look up the specifics about each new car you own. Of course, if they did that, they wouldn’t have as much difference in performance, so you wouldn’t be as likely to find one that fits you as well as your Mustang. Luckily, when it comes to brakes, there’s not a ton of difference from one vehicle to another that uses the same brake type. There are going to be fitment issues that make finding the right parts important, but if you can locate the brake pads on one set of disc brakes, you can typically locate them on any set.

Parts and Materials

The first step in learning how to replace brake pads is putting everything you need in one place, where you can make sure none of it is missing. Nothing is worse than getting partway through a brake job and finding out you need to go out for more supplies when your car is already in a place where you can’t just jump in and go.

  • Brake pads
  • Brake fluid
  • Brake cleaner
  • Disc brake spreader set
  • Torque wrench
  • Hand tools

Inspect your brakes thoroughly before you start to make sure you don’t need to fold in a rotor or caliper replacement. Otherwise, you could wind up having to take things apart again to do that after you get supplies.

Starting Safely

Park the car on a dry, flat surface where you can easily lift it safely, and make sure you use properly secured jack stands to hold it in place before starting work. Always used the stands when you have to work under a car, the jack is only meant to help you raise and lower the vehicle. It’s not only safer for you, but it also helps prevent damage to the car that can happen if it falls off a jack. Make sure you’ve checked the brake fluid level before raising the car, so you know it hasn’t been leaking. Then, once the vehicle is up, remove the first wheel. You’ll eventually need to remove every wheel that you need to do brake work on, and you can choose whether to do it all at once or to remove each wheel as you need.

Changing the Pads

Once the wheel is off, you will need to remove the caliper. If you need better access to it, turn the wheel a little until you can easily reach the bolts. It’s okay to let it dangle afterward. Next, remove the old pad. Check its surface for uneven wear before putting on your replacement brake pads. It can be a sign you need better brake lubrication, which you can handle by cleaning and lubricating everything before reassembly. If there are no other brake system parts to replace, attach the new pads, and then put the caliper back in place. You’re ready to do the next wheel. If you have questions or need help identifying parts, you can get a manual for your Mustang from the same place you go when you need a quick VIN lookup free.