Important Blog KPIs You Need To Track

No prize for guessing – blogging is profitable. Some people write various posts just because they adore writing and desire to express their thoughts in the written form, but the major part of users manage their blogs with the aim to establish the reputation of their company, push up sales or engage with the target group. Thus, hammering out your blog can be beneficial for any business. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you can just post articles or reviews you like on sudden and impetuous themes. The work on a weblog obliges an article writer to be self-organized and mindful of details.

There is such concept as KPIs or Key Performance Indicators; their primary purpose is to help blog writers seize and analyze the efficiency factor of their blogs. In sober fact, this is the main tool of analytic geometry, allowing users to get a grip whether you are headed in the correct direction or not. Let’s analyze several KPIs that will help you enhance the response of your target group and increase sales.

1. Bounce Rate

Newbies have no idea what this concept means, but if you are focused on good results only, you ought to have a knowledge of it because your primary target is to push up sales and signups. To do this, an article writer needs to enkindle the core audience and make people read more on this portal. They ought to be interested in the information or news, covered on your blog. If readers just look at your content and then close the webpage and go forrader, this will retaliate against the bounce rate.

Thus, you realize that your primary purpose is to pique interest in the content and make them open one more page of your platform.

2. How much time a visitor spends on a page

This is the best indicator, showing how long visitors stay on one page. This is a simple tip, allowing you to realize the quality of the content. If a reader just opens the webpage and closes it immediately, it means that there is something wrong with it.

3. Monitor the blog visits

Your next task is to keep track on the number of visitors that come to your website and view the content published there. You should do this on an ongoing basis because this simple tip will help you find out whether your audience is growing or not. You’ll also see what period of the year the traffic is higher. When you are aware of this information, this will help you develop the best strategy allowing you to improve performance and make your blog better.

4. Amount of readers

The quantity of subscribers, reading your articles also shows the success of your work. The more subscribers you have, the better your blog is. To increase their amount, you need to publish interesting and engaging content. Check out whether the subscribe button is always displayed on the screen. You should communicate with the audience through the articles you publish. Don’t forget about the email notifications, when you remind the readers of your company through the use of email newsletter.

5. The Best Posts

Check out what articles have more likes. You need to get ready for the fact that not all posts are traffic drivers. When you find all those posts, you will be aware of the themes that are in demand today. Thus, if you face entanglements with the traffic, this information will help you understand what themes are really readable for your target group and what topics are not as catching as you need.

These are the most significant KPIs, enabling you to make your blog more exciting and even more flourishing!