Indoor activities for kids

5 Creative Indoor Activities For Kids On Rainy Days

Shows to Perform Winter Fun In Icy Weather

Winter has arrived and with it plenty of frosty nights and bitter cold days. Looking for clever indoor activities for kids? What can kids do to keep occupied inside on terribly cold days? How about a show? Or a fun sleepover? Keep reading.

Art Activities For Kids

Try these ideas to keep busy. Even when your electricity is out because of a storm, you can attempt many of the following listed activities.

Presentations were once a mainstay as families, and party-goers had no television, or movie players to entertain, no video games or stereos. Groups had programs, shows, and presentations to entertain themselves. Why not work together and put on a show?

Musical revue

A Musical Revue

Choose songs to sing as solos, duets, and group songs. Assign parts and learn the songs. Make programs to pass out listing the songs to be performed and the names of the singers. Include any instrumental pieces you can work up. Set a date and time for the show and invite family or any available guests to come and listen to your musical show. The practices and preparations for the show are much of the fun, and you can spend days even weeks, preparing the program.

Kids acting a play

Acting A Play

Choose or write a short play which requires few props and costumes. Prepare the stage for your drama. Hang a bed sheet across a doorway and assign parts to be learned. Practice the play with one of you directing. Choose an announcer to introduce the play and the characters and then to present them for the audience to applaud at the end of the play. Perform the play for an audience of family members. You can combine the musical and play-acting to form a musical performance.

Art show

Art Show

Plan an art show. Decide on guidelines for entries – rules for art styles to be accepted and for sizes to be eligible. Work on sculptures of clay, paintings with oil, acrylic or poster paints, drawings with the pencil or charcoal or pastels, and even coloring and marker work. Have each piece of artwork labeled with a title and the medium, as well as the artist’s name. Prepare a room or two where the kids will display artwork. Send out formal invitations to the art showing. Greet guests at the door and allow them to tour the showrooms. Serve simple, but elegant refreshments after the show.


Puppet show

Puppet Show

Use a large box or an old sheet to make a puppet stage. You will need room to get down behind the stage and hold your puppets up where the audience can see them. Choose a puppet show from a storybook or make up your own acts. Make your puppets out of cloth, old mittens, and big socks. Add eyes, mouths, ears, noses, and hair to make up your puppet character’s unique look.

Practice the puppet play and then set a date and time for the show. Invite neighborhood children, your parents, grandparents, and friends to come watch the show. Set chairs in rows for the audience so that everyone gets a good view and can hear all the words. Serve popcorn for a snack during the show.

Recitations and Readings

Choose favorite poetry and segments of stories, essays or famous speeches. Assign one or more to each person. Their part will be to read the piece out loud until they have either memorized or can read it well without faltering. Remember that readings were considered dramatic or interpretive. They should be performed with flair and variety of voice.

Recitations and Readings

For the show, make up a program with each piece’s title written in the order to be presented and give the names of each of the readers and reciters. Invite guests to come and see the show. Choose a place in the room to be the “platform” where the performers will stand to read or recite their pieces. Seat guests and have one person announce each individual and his article’s title before he stands up front to perform.

Shows can be fun for children to pass the time inside and enjoy an otherwise monotonous day. Even a single child can do music, art, puppet show, or reading and recitations for his family and friends. Preparing, practicing, making invitations and then programs and then hosting the actual show makes this type of entertainment last.