end of school activities

5 Memorable Last Day Of School Activities

end of school activities

Fun Elementary School Ideas For The End Of The Year

Here are some teacher resources for elementary school classroom and outdoor last day of school activities which are fun and will give lasting memories for the students.

The last day of school is an exciting time for kids. Although it’s sad to say goodbye to friends and teachers, children are really looking forward to the summer with no homework or studying for tests. To keep kids from getting too antsy, planning some fun activities for the last day of school will keep children amused and allow them to have a lot of fun.

Memory Books for Kids

Have the students put together a booklet with enough pages to cover each student in the class, along with the teacher and any classroom helpers? Let them decorate the cover of the pamphlet, along with writing a title. The title should consist of the student’s name, the teacher’s name, and their grade. For example, Tyler’s 2nd Grade Memory Book or Emma’s 5th Grade Memory Book.

Once the book is made, have each student pass the book to the student to the right and let each child write something nice about the student the booklet belongs to. Continue until every student has written in each book. The kids will now have a lasting memory of all of their classmates for the school year.

Last Day Of School Activities

How to Make a Class Time Capsule?

Making a time capsule can be lots of fun for kids. Although initially, students won’t have one to open, they can still have fun putting one together for a future class. Decide how many years it will be before the capsule is opened and be sure to put that year somewhere on the container that will hold the items.

Have students each bring in something to put in the capsule. Suggested items are pictures of teachers and the school, magazines with current pop stars, front page news headlines, popular trendy toys, and trading cards. As this is just a simple class project, the time capsule can be kept in the classroom until the year it is meant to be opened.

Welcome Banner For First Day of School

Get a long piece of paper to use as a banner or a large poster board and have students create a welcome banner for the following year’s students for the first day of school. Include pictures of fun activities that were done throughout the year along with writings of things the children learned and activities they enjoyed. Now, the new class that will come in will have an idea of what the school year will be like.

Old Book Classroom Exchange

Most kids have old books that they’ve read that are just laying around the house. Encourage students to bring in as many books as they would like, (that are grade appropriate,) and have the last day of school book exchange. This is a great activity for encouraging summer reading.

Water Activities For Kids

In most areas, the weather has started to warm up by the last day of school. Consider planning some fun outdoor water activities. Nothing says water fun like water balloons. Kids can have a water relay race, handing off water balloons. Another idea is playing Hot Potato with water balloons.

A real treat for kids is Teacher Dodgeball. Using chalk, draw a line the students need to stand behind when throwing their water balloons. Draw a circle for the teacher to stand in. The teacher is free to move about the circle to dodge the water balloons the kids are throwing.

The last day of school can be a blast for kids. Planning some fun activities for the kids will keep them busy. These end of the year activities will give them fond memories.