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Mind mapping tools for brainstorming

Mind mapping tools became an integral part of modern business. This is the best method to shape your ideas in the form of a polished and understandable presentation. Modern mind mapping tools cater to the needs of various users, those who are in search of high-quality brainstorming apps or those who need professional project or presentation planning tools. Their overarching priority is to help users plan out resources and explain new ideas.

The choice of mind mapping software for brainstorming is not limited, but in this review, we’ll talk about the best solutions. We hope that this information will help doubtful customers arrive at a right decision.

1. Mindmeister

The main purpose of this soft is to combine two main functionalities, brainstorming and mind mapping. The app is very easy to use, and you won’t spend hours with the aim to understand how to create mind maps with its help.

Several members of one team can work on the app simultaneously. They can discuss the peculiarities of the project, exchange their thoughts, etc. The information about all adjustments is kept in the history.

It is possible to open projects remotely and make changes from any mobile device. This app is cloud-based. For that reason, users don’t care about its storage and aren’t obliged to monitor recent updates.

2. XMind

This is an integrated platform, combining idea-mapping and idea administration into one program. It supports the following operating systems: Apple OS X, Linux, and Microsoft.

This application provides users with a simple tool for mapping ideas and encompasses many pre-made templates and options, allowing users to create mind maps rapidly. The Matrix tool helps you create a comparative analysis of your project. The Fishbone Chart is regarded to be the best tool for displaying your ideas. If necessary, you can even classify all ideas in various groups.

Here is the overview of other useful options:

  • Business Chart,
  • Presentation Mode,
  • Gantt View,
  • Clip Arts,
  • Tree Chart,
  • Logic Chart.

Many business owners use this app and remain completely satisfied with its functionality. You can download Xmind on the official site or subscribe to it.

3. SpiderScribe

This is one more popular and high-quality mind mapping tool, which gives users a chance to arrange various ideas in one doc. The desired effect is achieved thanks to connecting various notes, events or files. The result of your work will be kept in the cloud, and that is why users can access the document at any moment.

SpiderScribe is packed with a variety of templates; due to so big choice of them, users won’t spend too much time creating mind maps. Size, format, or colors of each template can be changed. Besides, having coped with mind map building, users can add the results of their work to their websites.

The basic version is free, but if you need access to the larger amount of features, you need to obtain the Pro version.

4. Freemind

This app is built in Java and compatible with such operating systems as Windows, Linux, and Mac. This mind mapping application also gladdens users with a bunch of options, such as collaboration instruments, various diagrams, support of session restore, etc.

The program is deemed to be a handy solution for those who need a reliable mapping tool. Users can organize their thoughts in the form of diagrams with various branches, embedded links or other elements.

Choosing the best tool for brainstorming is the main formula for successful work!