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12 Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Working And Workout Moms

The Ultimate Guide To Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

A ring holder on Mother’s Day

When my sister got engaged, there was a lot to think about and a lot of “looking” to be done. We looked at the engagement ring, and a little bit later we looked for the perfect wedding dress. Then we looked for the right venue, the maid of honor and bridesmaid dresses, food menus and napkins, and we looked again at the engagement ring.
waterford ring holder

Ring Holder: $40 – $45

Somewhere amongst all of the looking, it dawned on my aunt that perhaps my sister, in all of her hectic planning and fast traveling, she might, believe it or not, manage to lose somehow that gorgeous engagement ring, if she didn’t have somewhere safe to rest it. So she decided to take care of that by getting her a crystal ring holder. And low-and-behold, she hasn’t lost that ring, yet! Maybe it’s not so much the ring holder that’s kept her from doing that, but it’s still something super cute to look at.

49 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts For Deserving Moms

Gadgets For Stress Relief

According to the Health and Safety Executive, 10.4 million days are lost because of work-related stress. As you can imagine, this is a tremendous amount of precious time being wasted. Here are some tech gadgets that will help control your stress levels and enhance your life.

pip stress management biosensorPip: $170 – $180

This biosensor device is held between the thumb and forefinger. Pip measures your sweat and electrodermal activity then send the information directly to your smartphone. Once transferred to your mobile device, you can analyze your stress levels and examine what techniques best relieve them.


InteraXon Muse headbandMuse: $190 – $230

InteraXon is a technology company that builds software for measuring the electrical waves produced by neurons in your brain. The InteraXon Muse headband senses your brainwaves and sends the information directly to a smartphone or tablet. This benefits stress relief because you can track your brain activity and practice focusing your attention on specific responsibilities and tasks.

Fruitz by Philip SteinFruitz Natural Frequency Watches Help You Feel More Refreshed: $250 – $300

Moms are masters of time management and so should be treated with a fabulous wrist watch with Natural Frequency Technology.  Fruitz watches have a Natural Frequency Technology disk embedded in them that delivers natural frequencies to your body through your wrist.  A clinical study showed that participants wearing devices with Natural Frequency Technology fell asleep faster, woke up less during the night and woke up feeling more refreshed than those warning devices without the technology. Everyday people wearing Fruitz watches have also reported better sleep, less stress, more focus, and increased concentration.  What mom couldn’t use that?

Fruitz watches come in dozens of fun colors with names like Strawberry Daiquiri, Pear Sorbet, and Dragonfruit.  They are scratch and shock resistant and water resistant up to 99 feet.  Fruitz watches are durable enough for everyday wear.

Are you ready to feel more rested and balanced?

Innovative Products For Baby Safety For New Moms

There have been countless innovations made for the safety of babies; however, securing the well being of your child does not end at just purchasing new gadgets. Emerging technologies are clearly aimed to protect children, but many accidents occur due to misuse of products. These gadgets are awesome gifts for new moms.

Bumbo Floor SeatFloor Seat: $30 – $50

For infants who have not been able to sit themselves upright yet, the Bumbo Floor Seat is a great product that will assist them. It is important to note the term  “Floor” in its name, because many people have improperly used the seat, resulting in accidents. This baby chair is useful for feeding babies and teaching them how to sit on their own.


The Jamm DoorstopDoorstop: $15 – $20

Heavy doors serve as a common hazard for children. The Jamm Doorstop works on all floor surfaces. It has a curved design so that when pushed underneath a door, both sides curve upward and secure the door firmly in between. This innovation will surely help protect little fingers.

HoneyBee Child SwingEase Toy

Swing Safety: $20 – $30

Although playground parks are meant to be fun for children, many of the activities are accident-prone. HoneyBee Child developed the SwingEase, which allows babies and toddlers to swing alone or with a caregiver. It clips onto a standard chain swing and converts into a toddler swing, providing support across the chest, back, and underarms.

The Latest Fit Wear For Workout Moms

Fitness trackers have emerged as the new trendy tech gadgets. Companies like Nike, Samsung, Fitbit and Jawbone are all competing to develop innovative tools for tracking activities. Now, devices are not only tracking your fitness but also many other components of your activity throughout the day. Here are a few fitness-tracking wearables featured on eWeek.


Fitbit: $140 – $150

The Fitbit Charge 2 is a stylish bracelet in the form of a wrist watch that comes in many colors. It measures distance traveled by connecting to GPS, quality of sleep and allows you to retrieve your fitness information that has been logged onto the bracelet by plugging it into the computer. Instead of connecting it to your PC, the bracelet connects via Bluetooth.


Moto 360Moto 360: $130 – $150

For individuals who are not as serious about tracking their every move, the Moto 360 is a great alternative to fitness trackers. Its design is geared more toward style with its watch appearance and function. However, the Moto 360 still provides fitness tracking with a pedometer and optical heart rate monitor. You can track your activity through health apps built onto Android Wear.

Samsung Gear FitSamsung Gear Fit: $140 – $170

The Samsung Gear Fit displays tracking information on your wristband. It is also water-resistant, which is very beneficial to swimmers. Connected to a Samsung handset, the Gear Fit allows users to access notifications like text messages and calendar updates.


Nike+ iPod Sensor Keeps You and Your Workouts on Track

Want to monitor your progress and track your fitness goals? Nike has come up with a device that will give you instant feedback. Start with a pair of Nike+ ready shoes and one of the following:

Nike+ SportBand: $120 – $600

Sensor is sold seperately for all devices. iPod Touch and iPhone both have built in support, so no receiver is necessary.

Nike SportBandPlace the sensor under the sock liner of the left Nike+ shoe.  Choose a custom workout shortcut or an open-ended workout from the menu, then pick a playlist and you’re ready to run.  The sensor measures your pace, distance, time elapsed and calories burned. The information is transmitted wirelessly to your SportBand, iPod or iPhone for real-time feedback.  You’ll be able to see the details on your iPod or iPhone plus you’ll receive audio feedback at the halfway point and final stretch.

When you are finished with your workout, sync your device with via your Mac or PC.  Your data will be collected and stored there so you can track and compare your progress or compete with others anywhere in the world.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms!