One year anniversary dating gifts for your girlfriend

One Year Anniversary Dating Gifts for your Girlfriend

The first year of romantic dating is always a magic time. The partners, being one year into partnership, have successfully walked through so many difficulties on their love path and certainly proven their loyalty to one another. That’s why one year relationship anniversary with your beloved significant other is always worth celebrating. So, whatever you might measure your love in, if the two of you do have a fine thing going, it is absolutely important to let your beloved girl know how much you love and value her.

However, the only major pitfall on your way is making your ideal anniversary date night plans and choosing a gift that isn’t an absolute cliché – the one that will tell your beloved woman about your true feelings. So this time, the writing crew of Meetup, known for their “Where to find a bride?” guide, have compiled a list of 6 best one year anniversary dating gifts for your girlfriend.

1. Travel to an unfamiliar city

Purchase train or plane tickets to a city you’ve never been to. Don’t forget to bring the camera. In an unfamiliar city, you may discover a stream of completely fresh feelings even towards one another. What’s more, it is one of the best ways to have a great weekend with your girlfriend because oftentimes, we don’t have that much free time, so we can’t fully enjoy the moments spent with our loved ones.

2. Plan a cute love story photo shoot

Plan in advance about what you would like to see in those pics you’ll take. So, the more off-the-beaten-path and creative they will be, the better. For instance, you might choose to re-create the Bonnie and Clyde vibe or put on custom family tees designed specifically for the photo shoot. Just let your imagination and creativity lead the way. You can also make a nice set of lovely pics on your own or use the help of a professional photographer.

3. Fresh up your old mutual memories

Visit the place where you met each other for the first time, the spot of your very first romantic date, or where you had your first kiss. Recall how your partnership was born and what things have changed since that moment. You will definitely get the entire ocean of positive emotions, vibes, and genuine tenderness!

4. A ride through the night city

In case if you don’t have your own vehicle, you may rent it for the occasion. Turn on your favorite music and go for a romantic drive along the flashing lights of the night city. If you don’t plan to spend this wonderful evening in the car, you can make a stop and have a snack at some cozy café or just take a walk. And who knows, perhaps you will even decide to spend the night in the car!

5. Spa treatment for two

Start your day with a joint shower with your romantic partner. Add some aroma oils and massage your significant other to make her feel even more special. Then, head to the spa center or even an aqua park. A luxury spa treatment will help you restore your power, and some fun at an aqua park will fill the two of you with positive energy that will later turn into fabulous memories for years.

6. A fancy home party

Throw a party for your precious girl at home! Start her day with a sweet surprise for your woman. The surprise is up to you to choose, of course. By the way, you can also present a lovely handmade gift. For example, a beautiful box with some romantic stuff on it, like “100 reasons we should be together.” Write these reasons down, each one on a separate piece of paper, and let your girlfriend pull out one sheet every day. After, you might want to develop your own scenario: either champagne and candlelight or a horror movie and popcorn.