Thanksgiving party decor ideas

20 Cool Party Decor Ideas For Special Days

Thanksgiving party decor ideas

Thanksgiving Dinnerware and Party Decor

Don’t know about you, but November is the month fully dedicated to stuffing your face. The thought that in Novembers, a hearty holiday meal without being judged is so comforting. Alright, now that we’ve expressed my obvious excitement for Thanksgiving, here are some tips from Bustle on how to prepare for your festive meal in 5 simple steps. After all, a classy dinner display will have to compensate for our eager appetites.

Table Cloth: Let’s be honest, your table is going to encounter a whole lot of action on Thanksgiving night. Make sure to protect it with a tablecloth. Since there may be some spills throughout the evening, we suggest one that is easily washable or one that you don’t mind throwing out. A clear tablecloth is great options for protecting festive ones without covering their designs.

Centerpiece: Bustle suggests dispersing multiple smaller flower vases around the table because the turkey will most likely be the center of attention. You don’t want to take up too much table space with one giant centerpiece. Get creative and add rustic accessories and mixing vase styles instead of traditional flower bouquets.

Dinnerware: There aren’t many occasions throughout the year where you can take advantage of your fancy dinnerware, so this is the time to do it! Pull out your best silverware, plates, and china. Try to think of how impressed your guests will be rather than the clean up. Beautiful execution is well worth it!

Cloth Napkins: If you’re thinking about pairing your fancy dinnerware with some paper napkins, just stop right there. Embrace the elegance of the evening and whip out those festive, patterned cloth napkins. Every detail matters! They are usually sold in sets of affordable prices—definitely worth it.

Place Setting Tags: Make each guest feel special with a personal place setting complete with their individual name. From name tags to pumpkins, there is so much room for creativity when it comes to this tasks. Find 50 more ideas for name cards here.

Labor Day Party Decor Ideas

There is no better way to celebrate Labor Day than throwing a fun barbecue with friends and family. Get inspired with Architecture, Art, and Designs decoration ideas that will embrace the holiday spirit!

Wreaths: Entryways are vital components to introducing the vibe of an event. Welcome your guests with a beautiful wreath on your door. This decorative piece will invite friends and family into a festive atmosphere!

Food Display: People commonly say presentation always makes food taste better. Be sure to entice everyone’s appetite with delicious snacks and beverages displayed in festive dishes and cups.

Red, White, and Blue: A day to celebrate everyone’s “economic and social contributions” in the USA, Labor Day serves as another opportunity to rejoice in patriotism. Miniature American flags can serve as several different decoration purposes at a barbecue. You can arrange them in a container for a centerpiece, and also utilize them as party favors that guests can leave with!

4th of July home decors

Celebrate America’s Birthday with 4th of July Décor

Paper Lanterns: Day or night, these USA-inspired lanterns look great hanging in your backyard or home. To make them simply use double-sided tape to add a belt of red, white and blue striped ribbon around a white paper lantern.

Seat Cushions: Soften hard chairs while giving your space a hint of patriotism with no-sew pillow covers. To make them, sandwich one cushion between two bandanas—one red and one blue. Join each corner together with a rubber band and hide the rubber band with a thin white ribbon.

4th of July home decor

Flowers: What party décor is complete without flowers? White flowers, like hydrangeas, look great in a stars-and-stripes inspired vase and create an all-American feel. To give the vase a patriotic look, first measure its circumference. Then cut lengths of patriotic ribbon to fit the vase and attach the ribbon with double-sided tape.

Striped Paper Runner: To create the above runner, first cover a table with a white paper tablecloth. Snip lengths of blue and red crepe paper to the length of the cloth and weave the colors together in the middle of the table. Fix the pattern to the table with double-sided tape and your America-themed table runner is complete.

Graduation Party Decor Ideas

Graduating is a huge achievement that deserves an adequate celebration. Check out the graduation party ideas below and give your graduate a diploma-worthy celebration:

Graduation Party ideas

Banner: Keep with your graduation theme by hanging tassels against a length of Kraft paper scrolled to resemble a diploma. Use washi tape to spell out a congratulatory message and provide colorful sticky notes for guests to write their personal message. Incorporate school colors for an extra touch of festivity.

Graduation Party

Put Memories on Display: Reminisce in the good times and celebrate grad’s achievements from kindergarten through graduation with a memory timeline. For outdoor celebrations, attach your favorite photos to construction paper and hang them from the string or a clothesline using clothespins. If your party is indoors, attach the photos to twine or ribbon and hang them from a mantel or across a wall.

Graduation Party decor

Decorate Your Front Walk: Add a decorative sign to your front walk, so guests know they’re in the right place. Cut out letters to spell “congrats” from colored paper and glue them to paper plates. Attach wooden dowels to the backs of the plates and stick them into the lawn for simple, low-cost graduation décor.

Graduation Party cookies

Graduation Snacks: To make these adorable grad-themed deserts, first remove paper liners from peanut butter cups and place upside down on waxed paper. Place a small amount of frosting on each peanut butter cup and center an After Eight thin mint on each. Using frosting, make a loop for each cap’s tassel and place an M&M on top of each loop.

Mother’s Day Decor Ideas

While gifts are always a great way to show Mom your appreciation, they are not the only way to show your care. Surprise her with a home decked out in Mother’s Day decorations that will warm her heart.

Balloon Bouquet
Image Credit: Martha Stewart

Balloon Bouquet: A unique balloon bouquet is a wonderful alternative to flowers. To make it, use letter stencils to cut “MOM” out of colored card stock and punch a hole at the top of each. String the letters onto three balloons using baker’s twine and fasten the balloons to mom’s chair or bed, spacing them out a bit. The cheerful display will have her floating on air.

Stamped Paper Tablecloth
Image Credit: Martha Stewart

Stamped Paper Tablecloth: Have mom eat her Mother’s Day meal at a festive table setting personalized just for her. To make it, first, use a pencil to mark lightly banner paper where each place will be set. Apply blue ink to a hydrangea stamp and stamp in a circle to create place settings. Apply red and pink inks to butterfly stamps and stamp around the flowers. Complete your setting by writing your family member’s names (and any other expected guests) at each place setting.

Photo Garland: Display your favorite memories together in a photo garland with this simple sewing project. First, print out selected 4 x 6-inch photos and place them on a sheet of decorative paper. Line the top of the picture with the edge of the decorative paper and leave room around all other sides, securing the photo with double-sided tape. Use a grid ruler to cut a half-inch around three sides and repeat the process for several pictures. Lay them out in your preferred order and pull out a length of thread to begin sewing – set the machine to a standard stitch length. Begin sewing the seam about the 1/4th inch down from the top of the photo. When you reach the end of the photo garland, pull and cut the thread to the length needed to hang your masterpiece.