Five Reasons Why Planting a Tree at Home is a Fantastic Idea

There are lots of ways to enhance your home inside and out. One of which is planting a tree.

Retailers like The Tree Center sell a huge range, so finding the one that is right for your yard is easier than it has ever been. Best of all, an online tree stockiest, like them, delivers right to your door. So, if you want to buy a mature tree, you can do so knowing that you will not have to hire a specialist truck yourself to have it delivered.

As you will see, there are numerous reasons to plant a tree. Here are the ones that we think are the most important.

The right tree can add value to your home

Studies show that a mature tree, planted in the right location on your property, can add a considerable amount of value to it. According to the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers, a mature tree can have an appraised value of between $1,000 and $10,000. But, you need to plant the right type. It must not be one that will end up overwhelming your yard in ten to twenty years. So, before buying one, it is wise to take advice.

Trees can be used to protect your property

You can also use trees to protect your property from the elements. If you live in a very windy area, planting a row of tall, relatively thick foliage trees in the path of the prevailing wind will protect your home.

In the winter you will be warmer and spend far less on heating. Plus, depending on where you live, in the summer, your house will be protected and shaded for some of the days. So, you should not need to use your air-conditioning nearly as much.

Trees help to keep you healthy

Trees are good for human health. We like looking at them. They are calming and reassuring. A constant garden feature that we know generations to come will get to enjoy.

Also, they help to cleanse the air and stabilize the soil. Some studies show that they also reduce the risk of flooding.

Trees are good for the local wildlife

They also provide a beautiful habitat for a range of wildlife. Surprisingly, 80% of the planet’s plants and animals live in forest environments. So, as you can see, trees are an essential source of food and habitat for many different species. It is not just the birds and squirrels that will benefit from your planting one or two in your yard. Insects and funguses will too.

Kids love climbing and playing in trees

Provided you are brave enough to let them, you kids will love having a tree to climb, in their yard. Or, better still have a treehouse to play in. Provided it is well built, they will even be able to play out on rainy days.

There you have it 5 excellent reasons to plant a tree in your garden. So, why not set aside some space and plant one or two. You will not have to spend much, to be able to do so.