Samsung Galaxy S9

Everything You Need to Know About Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is one of the newest Samsung phones on the market. Whether or not you are considering an upgrade, here is what you need to know about the S9:

Price Point: Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is still new to the market, but it is definitely more cost-effective than its iPhone alternative.

Camera: The new S9 camera has plenty of cool features including high resolution, dark adaptability, and slow motion. The camera also offers facial recognition and the ability to turn your picture into a personalized emoji.

Augmented Reality: This feature lets you personalize your conversations with emojis that are derived from your photos. There are plenty of diverse options and expressions.

Translation Option: The S9 can recognize and translate signs in various languages. All you need to do is snap a picture of the sign, and the message will show up in English.

Speakers: Dolby Atmos Sound Speakers are now available as part of the new S9.

Easy Screen Sharing: You can share your Samsung Galaxy S9 screen with any other Samsung devices so that you won’t miss a beat going among your phone and tablet.

Durability: A significant change this year was adding 20% thickness to the glass of S9 to help avoid cracks and breaks during accidents. While the S9 is stronger than its predecessors, it will still need a carrying case to prevent accidents.

Cases: There are plenty of S9 cases already available on the market. Whether you want a wallet-case or a case that offers your phone extra charge, you will find plenty of variety.

Charging Options: The Samsung S9 comes with the standard charging wires, but a wireless charging dock can be purchased separately. The S9 can also be plugged into a battery backpack for an extended power supply.

With plenty of features and improvement options, the S9 is definitely worth considering.