Steps to Turn Your Garage into a Perfect Workspace

According to an article published by Forbes in October 2016, rising up from 53 million in 2014 and 53.7 million in 2015 to reach 55 million in 2016, the number of freelance workers accounted for 35% of the US workforce. The article further stated that more and more people, either voluntarily or due to the lack of a traditional desk job, are being drawn toward creating their own jobs.

As a freelancer, you gain the liberty of working from anywhere and at any time convenient to you, given you have the right equipment needed for the job. However, a friendly space to work is always an issue for many freelancers, where most end up converting a peaceful nook in their homes into an office. But do they find peace in there? With the spouse, children, parents and even pets around, the house can become highly chaotic at times, making it hard to focus on the task at hand. So, where can these workers go? How about the garage?

Experts at J&J Garage Door and Electric Openers, who also provide garage door repair services in Crystal Lake, said that although workspace requirements may vary depending on the domain, you choose to operate in, a garage attached to the home, with a separate entrance, is the perfect space for a home office. People are converting their garage for home business use, leaving one side for storage and renovating the remaining area into an elegant office, to be spatially removed from the distractions at home that can affect their productivity.

Here are a few steps with which you can transform a boring garage into a productive office. However, you might need the services of a residential & commercial garage door installation & repair service provider to up the style quotient.

Steps to Convert Your Garage into Home Office

• Be Creative: When you are creating the perfect workspace for yourself, break all the boundaries and don’t restrict yourself to a traditional office. Some cost-efficient lighting fixtures, bright colors blended with light designs are the first thing you should get started with, to lift up the mood of your office. It will give your workspace a great ambiance and encourage productivity.

• Focus on Seating: For those who work as solo freelancers, seating is not much of an issue. They can place their desk in any corner they find suitable. However, when you have other employees joining you every now and then, there is a need to make the office comfortable for them and yourself too. Work on space efficient seating plan and the temperature in the garage to ensure maximum comfort. Insulated garage doors would be the best choice to prevent energy loss and save on electricity bills.

• Get the Latest Technology: Your aim to stay disconnected from the home can be an opportunity to stay connected to the world of business. Use the highest quality technology for computing, data storage, and printing. Wireless networks are common, but most of the time, their signal become weak and nonexistent in a garage. Invest in wireless signal boosters or additional routers to stay connected without any interruption. When you are wiring the equipment, make sure it is done neatly.

Wait, you aren’t done yet. Whenever you find the time, add extra touches to make your workspace more enjoyable. However, before you start anything, invest in the highest quality garage doors from the nearest residential & commercial garage door installation & repair service for security and added aesthetics to your home office.