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3 Must-Have Styles for Your Home

There are so many different styles, people saying what’s in and what’s not, and it’s not really like changing your clothes now, is it? When you style your home, it’s always a good idea to have a couple of basic themes and then work around them accordingly with little tidbits here and there.

If you’re looking for something to soften your space, we’re going to go over a couple of styles that you can integrate easily into your home, making it up to date, cozy, and stylish all at once. These are the kind of styles that are timeless, basic and never go out of fashion.

Statement Floors

We’ve done statement walls for generations, but the beauty of technology is that now, we’re able to create things that we never could in the past. The latest craze is statement floors, and with good reason too. As we’ve been inching more and more towards the minimalistic approach to our walls, leaving them bare, this has given more room for creativity with everything else within the space. We’ve often played with furniture, fabrics, and centerpieces, but now it’s time to make the floor the centerpiece!

There are many different looks and styles to choose. You can go for tiles, wood, marble and laminate flooring. If you do some research and look at your options, you’ll be amazed at the creativity and beauty of some of these flooring.

Metal Hardware

From your doorknobs to the shelves in your kitchen, to the legs of your living room coffee table; metal hardware is always able to give that extra touch of class to many areas in your home. It’s a must in the kitchen. Whether it’s the fridge, a shelf or cupboard door, in addition to the stove, of course, it just gives a feel of strength and a statement of cleanliness. It goes with any color under the sun. Aside from that, you can have it scattered all over the house in little bits and pieces, giving a sense of uniformity as well. Picture frames, statues, and bathroom hardware can also be metal.

Wood & Neutral Colors

Something that will never go out of style is the classical touch of wood added to your home’s setup. That, paired along with the metal and neutral colors is bound to give your home a unique look that emulates warmth while sticking to the most modern trends.

Your Home, Your Style

Of course, we always want to be up to date and keep up with the latest trends, but that should never be at the expense of making your house not feel like home too. That’s why all the details matter, and that’s why it’s important for you to blend somehow and adapt the latest trends with your taste and what gives you and your family comfort. The beauty of the suggestions that we’ve made is that they’re all simple, yet effective when it comes to practicality and appearance. A neutral color will always give a sense of calm, while metals and statement floors will last long, look good, and are extremely easy to clean.