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Essential Things That You Must Know Before You Visit The USA

A trip to the United States can be the ideal vacation. Nonetheless, the US does have its specific rules when it comes to traveling. Therefore, this article will attempt to give you some of the most important tips about going to the US.

Security Controls

When you get to the airport, you should be prepared for all the security checks. You will be asked to remove your shoes, and you will have to place them on the scanning machine. The same thing will happen with your electronic devices such as tablets or laptops. It is also essential that your devices have enough power because you might be asked to turn them on.

There will also be a full body scan. This is a bit more controversial, but you cannot refuse it nonetheless. If there are any health concerns, you should mention them to the officer.

Apply for an ESTA Form

Before you go to the United States, you will need to apply for an ESTA form. This application is required for 38 countries who are part of the Visa Waiver Program. This includes most EU countries, as well as the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.

As long as you are a citizen in one of these countries, you will need the USA ESTA visa. The ESTA application can be quickly completed online, and you will need to complete some personal information, especially details about your passport.

An ESTA form remains valid for two years so you can use it for multiple entries. You should know that the Electronic System for Travel Authorization is required as long as you stay there for less than 90 days. It is recommended that you apply for an ESTA at least three days before your departure.


In the United States of America, tipping is a bit more critical than in other countries. In fact, most restaurants usually add up to 18% tip to the bill. It is recommended that you have a few dollar bills for tipping if you want to pay with your credit card.

When you go to a restaurant, you should also take a look at the bottom of the menu as there might be some specifications about their policy of tipping. In some cases, you can even add an additional tip to the one that is included in your bill.

Phone Rats

You should take advantage of the free wi-fi in the US, as international roaming can lead to some significant costs. You should make sure that your hotel won’t charge you for the use of the Wi-Fi network. However, in most cases, it can be free.

TSA Locks

The USA transport security agency has banned locks on luggage. That is because they can even randomly open boarded items. However, if you do feel the need to secure your personal belongings, you can purchase a TSA lock. Others cannot open these locks, but TSA has a unique key for them.