Things You Need to Know to Dress Classy

To look elegant, you need to dress up gracefully and carry yourself with poise. Wearing classy outfits while adding a pinch of the right attitude is what you need to accentuate your appearance. Being classy means being sophisticated and tasteful with your style and mannerism. Sometimes, you find it difficult to make that transition, but a little guidance and dedication can help you style yourself.

Wear Classy Fabrics

Cotton, silk, linen, and woolen are some of the best fabrics that add classic vibes to your clothing. So make sure you have these in your wardrobe. They are long-lasting fabrics that demand a little care and give you a unique style statement. All of these fabrics come in different variants, such as denim (cotton), chino (cotton), cashmere (woolen), and more.

While denim goes well from boho to minimalist, chino cotton is best suited for pants, blazers, and trousers. If the time allows, you can design your varsity jacket and get it manufactured by a custom merchandiser. Try to pair cashmere cardigans with denim or tailored skirts to get a unique style statement.

You may find wrinkle-free cotton outfits at a store near you; most cotton trousers or pants need to be ironed before you wear them. To make sure that your classy outfits last longer, you must read the available laundry instructions carefully.

girl outfit design

Put on Solid Pattern & Designs

Wearing bold patterns is recommended as they will help you get that confidence and stance back. You may not feel as comfortable as you are in solid neutrals, but that’s how you will enter the transition – slowly and gradually. If you can’t do it now, you might struggle to embrace it later. It’s high time, so start today and try to get into that classy style as soon as possible.

You can mix the bold patterns and designs with pastels to get a balanced look. For example, you can try Gingham which is a fabric made up of dyed cotton yarn knitted into check patterns. It is usually a mix of white with some other color. Alternatively, you can try polka dots, big or small, whichever you like the most.

Geometrical prints are also available in bold and neutral patterns, so you can pick the right pattern to get that classy appearance. Other classy patterns that you must have in your wardrobe are herringbone, floral, plaid, stripes, etc.

Avoid to Overexpose

Pay extra attention to necklines. It should be collared, V-neck, boatneck, or crewneck; however, you can expand your choices to scoop necks or square necks. Avoid exposing or over-exposing, and always try to keep your belly button and cleavage covered. Make sure that the armholes are well-fitted and are not gaining unnecessary attention. 

For everyday wear, hem-length dresses must fall above the knee, and they shouldn’t be too tight. Feel free to select your desired colors, cuts, and material. A right fitted hem dress will give you a formal tone and is perfect for attending a classy business party. Though your hem dress shouldn’t be too short, it’s equally important that it must not fall below the hemline, as it will give you a clumsy look.

A fashion-forward elegance can be attained by wearing a perfectly fitting pantsuit that symbolizes sophistication and confidence and will gracefully cover your dimensions. You can never go wrong with a tailored business suit that is custom-made exclusively to fit your body shape.


Don’t Overdo Accessories

You have to look classy and sophisticated at the same time. Any sort of overdoing, including makeup, accessories, hair, will spoil the look and appearance. A few accessories such as pearl or diamond studs or gold hoops will look magical. Moreover, a lightweight watch, tennis bracelet, or slim gold bangles are just sufficient to add volume to the wrist.

Scarfs always add a tint of visualization to the outfit. They look classy as well, particularly when they are designed using sophisticated patterns such as paisley, which is a Persian pattern, or floral solids. They come in a variety of shapes, materials, and styles. The weather contributes a lot when selecting a scarf that best suits the outfit.

Similarly, shoes are important accessories that can make or break your outfit and confidence too. The right pair of shoes or sandals will give volume to your classy outfit, making it more elegant. Ballet flats, pumps, slingbacks, or boots; you can pick your style considering the weather conditions. Lastly, don’t forget to style your hair according to your outfit for getting that complete look. 

A ponytail or a sleek bun goes well with all styles, patterns, and outfits. By being classy, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up your style statement; in fact, you have to bring elegance and simplicity to what you love wearing.