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Tips to Looking and Feeling Beautiful Every Day

Society imposes significant pressure on women to maintain physical beauty and defy aging. Equally significant is a woman’s deep, innate desire to feel beautiful on the inside. Although the desires are clear, the process of achieving both inner and outer beauty can be intimidating. This list offers four practical and fun tips for looking and feeling beautiful every day.

Drink Water

Water is one of the essential elements to creating radiant, healthy-looking skin. It reduces puffiness, prevents wrinkles, and slows aging. The natural glow of a well-hydrated face may even empower you to scale back your makeup routine. Supporting weight loss, enhancing exercise performance, and flushing waste are three of the many additional benefits to your outer beauty. Internally, being hydrated can prevent headaches and fatigue, leaving you feeling refreshed, beautiful, and ready to take on the world.


Exercise offers clear benefits to your body in the form of fat loss, muscle definition, strength, endurance, among other health factors. Just as beneficial, however, are its positive effects on your mental well-being and inner beauty. Exercise releases endorphins that increase feelings of happiness and decrease feelings of stress and anxiety. Studies suggest that happier people are kinder people, meaning the endorphin boost from exercise is simultaneously enhancing your inner beauty and sculpting your shape. Want to reenergize? Call and friend and go for a jog or a brisk walk. You’ll be glad you did!


Sleep is sacred, and without it, we experience a host of negative consequences. Sometimes it’s not until the first full night of sleep after something like having a baby or cramming for exams that you can fully appreciate sleep’s transformative power. This no-cost necessity changes your brain chemistry, which impacts your eating habits, skin, and countless other aspects of physical beauty. The mental clarity and increased productivity that result from adequate sleep can transform your sense of inner beauty, as well. Who doesn’t feel beautiful on the inside when they’re fully present and accomplishing their goals?

Add Flare

Whether your style is sporty, preppy, or something in between, accessories add a pop of flair that makes you stand out in a crowd. Shoes, jewelry, belts, hats, or even a pair of fun boots help express your personality and add to the appeal of your outfit. This form of creative expression also boosts your sense of inner beauty, reminding you that you are confident and unapologetic about sharing your true self with the world. Feeling down? Throw on a funky necklace and matching belt and watch how your mood improves.

Many people invest time, money, and energy in achieving a desired outer beauty. Others invest equally in the quest for inner beauty, and some do both. This quest does not need to be intimidating. Try these tips and watch as your inner and outer beauty shine brightly.