Trendy Ways to Make Your Tiny Bedroom Look Large and in Charge

Having a small bedroom can sometimes cramp your style, literally and figuratively! You have certain style items and elements you want to incorporate into your room, but you don’t have the space to do so! When you start to have those types of problems, that’s when you have to start getting creative with the utilization of your space.

Typically, the common denominator in our tiny bedroom drama is that one large piece of furniture. Can you guess what it is? It’s the bed, of course. The bed is what makes a bedroom a bedroom, and for the most part, our decor is centered around it. However, you shouldn’t have to trade in your sense of style because of the size of your bed. You have to learn the tricks to making your room look more spacious, even though it’s not! Take a look at these simple and creative ways to enhance the look of your mini bedroom without doing a full renovation.

Mirrors That Add Depth

Being that your bedroom is a small space, every little thing counts, even down to the tiniest little detail. Mirrors are known for playing optical illusion tricks on the eye. Why not use those same tricks to make your bedroom look bigger?

The key to this trick is big. You can’t use small mirrors in your small bedroom and expect big results. There are all sorts of mirrors that can allow you to see the bigger picture:

  • Wraparound Mirrors: To achieve a bigger look, place two mirrors on walls adjacent to each other, and make sure they’re the same size. The mirrors reflecting off of each other will give your room several degrees and angles of reflection.
  • Ceiling Mirror Tiles: One of the dilemmas with small bedrooms is that you may not have much wall space and the wall space that you do have, may be taken up with pictures of your loved ones. With that being said, an alternative option would be to utilize your ceiling! The use of ceiling mirror tiles can open your tiny space from the top! Uncommon? Maybe. Impossible? No!

Floating Shelves That Create More Space

Who would have thought that organizing could be so fun? Well, when it comes to decorating your teeny-tiny bedroom, you have no choice but to get creative and have fun while doing it! You, of course, have your regular rectangular floating shelves that can go anywhere in your room, but all kinds of unique floating shelves will allow you to not only express yourself with the actual items you want to display, but also with the style of floating shelves you choose!

  • Invisible Book Shelf: Want to give your room the illusion of “floating books” like in the Harry Potter movies? Well, all you would need to do is slide the shelf inside a hardback book. Take the bottom cover of the book and slide it into the little hooks (the hooks are attached to the actual shelf which is closest to the wall) to keep the bottom cover of the book from hanging.
  • Fire Escape Shelf: Theses shelves are a great way to bring a little bit of the city into your bedroom, and are conversation pieces for any visitors! Imagine the skyscrapers you could create when you stack multiples of these shelves.

Choose a Light Color Palette

A light and bright color palette encompass the main aspects of your room. The walls, curtains, rugs, and most importantly, your bed. Is your bed the main focus of your bedroom right? Yes, so with that being said, let’s start with the bedding.

Your bedroom is small, so to compensate for that, you want to make sure that your bedding is both comfortable and stylish, all while showing off a color palette that’s easy on the eyes. Keep in mind that your bedding is what’s going to set the tone for the overall look of your bedroom, so choose wisely!

Declutter Your Space

The main thing that makes a room feel cramped (on top of not having enough space) is having too much stuff, especially when you don’t even use half of it! If you don’t use it or wear it, get rid of it. The goal is to make your room look like more than what it is.

For clothes that you won’t be wearing because of the season, put those clothes in a space bag and store under your bed. That will leave more closet space for the clothes you do wear, or may purchase. Ideally, you want to adopt a minimalist decor style for your small room, because less is more in this situation.