15 Most Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

15 Most Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

15 Most Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Gift Guide for Him

What to get for the husband or boyfriend on your list? Something unique and functional with a fun twist may just do the trick on Valentine’s Day. Here are our picks for that fantastic guy in your life, a great gift guaranteed he won’t want to return!

Fresno Transit Cufflinks from Etsy

One cufflink reads “Fresno Transit,” wrapped around the front of a bus. The other side reads “One Fare.” The tokens are polished to clean them up, but they have been circulated, so there is minor wear & tear. They measure 23mm across. They are attached to gold-plated cufflink posts. The cufflinks will be shipped in a jewelry box appropriate for gift-giving.

Shinola 47mm Men’s Watch from Neiman Marcus

Shinola’s are Handbuilt in Detroit with the intention to craft the finest watches with the finest materials; the Shinola Runwell watch collection boasts an American-made leather and Swiss mechanical parts. It features a classic field watch design with a sleek, round dial and bold numerals. Runwell artistically represents Shinola’s mantra, “Where American is made.”

Uniqlo Lightweight Down Parka Color Block

This warm down jacket is lightweight and slim enough to wear as an inner layer. Carries easily in its attached pouch, so it is great for travel!

Electronic Gadgets Make A Perfect Gift For Him On Valentine’s Day

Looking for the perfect gift to give your friend or loved one? Then, you should consider looking at some of the latest electronic gadgets around. Whether it’s a birthday gift, anniversary gift, or any occasion gift at that, an electronic gadget will sure be a lifesaver.

But here’s one important reminder when picking your choice – make sure to consider your friend’s or loved one’s interests. Your gift will be highly appreciated if it is according to what he loves doing. So, before you select your best choice, be sure to ask what his interests are.

Like for example, if his work is associated with the Internet, chances are he uses the computer more often than the usual. And that if he travels, he will, of course, need a computer. The desktop computer is a no-no to those who often travel. So, for your friend or loved one who is always on the go, why not give him a laptop computer? This will be perfect and finding one is never a problem since there are lots of choices available.

Another example is that if you notice that your friend or loved one spends a tremendous amount of time making and receiving calls, then you must think about giving him a high-end mobile phone. Although some people believe that high-end cell phones are only for luxury, those whose work require more time making and receiving calls, view these electronic gadgets as the necessity, especially if they can combine more gadgets in one such as a video camera, audio recorder, and camera.

And last example here is that if your friend’s or loved one’s particular interest is photography, then the best electronic gadget that you can give is a DSLR camera. More budding photographers prefer this over the point-and-shoot camera. Simply because it has more features and provides better quality images.

Electronic gadgets such as the laptop, mobile phone, and DSLR camera make perfect gifts for him on Valentine’s Day. Just make sure to buy the electronic gadget that fits his interest.

Gift Ideas For Manscaping The Bearded Men

Some men like to sport the scruffy look year-round and, with the colder fall and winter seasons approaching, it seems like more men will be flaunting their “no shave November” beards and mustaches. Here are some tips and tools that will help keep your facial hair groomed appropriately.

Beard Grooming Kit from Uncommon Goods

Just because you exercise, facial hair doesn’t mean you have to look like a grizzly man. Keep your mustache and beard in excellent form with this all-natural facial hair care set. This line of products, created by a mechanic, is gentle enough for daily use, but don’t worry! We won’t tell anyone. Handmade in the USA.

Beard Oil

According to Business Insider, men can benefit from using beard oil because it calms and softens up facial hair, while adding some shine. This is great because facial hair grows in all different textures and can get a bit wild. Beardbrand has an extensive selection of beard oil blends to pick from. They use natural ingredients like argan oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and almond oil that help create a lightweight base that conditions beards without causing any heavy greasiness.

Bayolea Collection

Penhaligon, the official court barber and perfumer to Queen Victoria, released its first ever men’s grooming line this fall—Bayolea. It’s moustache wax, shave oil and aftershave are excellent products for maintaining healthy and attractive facial hair. Bayolea products blend citrusy, spicy and earthy ingredients like lemongrass, black pepper and sandalwood and create masculine scents that aren’t too overpowering.


Business Insider suggests that every bearded man invests in a good comb or boar’s hair brush. These items will help keep your beard looking beautiful and clean. It is especially appropriate for bearded men in the corporate workforce.  In addition to a comb or hairbrush, scissors or beard trimmers will help men achieve this look.

Gift Guide for Her

What to get for her this Valentine’s Day? We’ve gathered our favorite unique items found on Maggwire; there is something for even the most sensitive women on your list.

Clare Vivier Flat Clutch in Star Print Dark Gray at Revolve Clothing

We love the hip simplicity of Clare Vivier’s line of chic utilitarian bags, designed and handcrafted in Los Angeles since 2006. Angelenos and style savvy women around the globe look to Clare Vivier as their go-to source for modern accessories. In addition to creating the line of Clare Vivier, all of which locally made, Vivier also cooperates with Commune Design, the Viceroy Hotel, and several other high-end design brands.

Stackable Rings from Lux Divine at Etsy

Rings are handmade in the Lux Divine studio. These awesome Amethyst point Cluster rings are all unique and one of a kind. First made by making a handmade Copper shank, attaching the stones to the ring and then the ring goes through electroforming process. This process includes a thick copper build up, the nickel layer and finally a thick layer of 24kt Gold.

Ceramic Dog Plate from C.Wonder

An homage to your favorite pooches, these decorative ceramic plates are with puppy love in mind. An adorable pup looks fetching front and center, and it’s made to pair perfectly with coordinating stationery set.

Tatcha Blotting Papers

These made in Japan blotting papers remove excess oil without disturbing your makeup or removing moisture from the skin. A powder and primer alternative that enhances the wear of makeup.