Wall Decor Ideas

Wall Décor Ideas for Small Apartments

People who live in small apartments have limited options when it comes to decoration. Although you cannot alter the size of your apartment, you can make it look well put together. Here are some wall decoration ideas for small apartments:

Hang Mirrors

Hanging a mirror can make your space feel bigger and much brighter. You should try to hang several small mirrors or an oversized one that covers more space. If possible, you should hang your mirrors opposite a window to reflect light and make your house seem brighter.

Add Sconces

You can add light to your home using sconces that will not take up valuable floor space. To get the most out of sconces, you should choose a design that catches the eye and adds some style. Make sure that you choose a wall sconce that matches the rest of your décor.

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Hang Photos

Instead of going for the old, boring frames, you should consider hanging acrylic photo blocks. It will feature your photograph printed to high-grade photo paper and then face mounted to a 1″ thick acrylic block. You should go to the best acrylic photo maker to ensure that you get the most vibrancy and color accuracy for your photos.

Display Fabric

A wall hanging or tapestry can add some pattern and color to your wall. Moreover, hanging a piece of fabric on your wall will soften your space. You should frame textiles such as silk scarves for the best outcome.

When the time comes to move to another house, you will have a much easier time moving fabrics than paintings. Make sure that you choose the best fabrics to avoid looking too cheap.

Hang Plates

Instead of hiding your good china in the kitchen cabinet, you should show it off on your walls. Just make some wire plate hangers that you can use to display your platters and dishes. If you are a china collector, you will have the opportunity to display your best collections.

Create Some Storage Space

Do you have very little closet space? You can use your empty walls to create a practical display that will also act as a decoration. For instance, you can install hooks, then use them to hang your hats. You can also build shelves on your wall then display some knick-knacks on them.

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Create Gallery Walls

Nothing will add color and personality to your walls like a big display of art and photos. If you are going for a minimalistic look, you should opt for simple, solid frames. However, if you want to mix things up in your décor, you should choose ornate frames for displaying your art.

Are you an art lover? You should consider displaying your favorite pieces for everyone to see. On the other hand, if you know nothing about art, you should ask for the opinions of friends who love art.

Choose Large-Scale Art

A large piece of art will catch the eye of anyone who sees it. If you want to add some color to your space, you should opt for a large, vibrant piece. However, if you want a minimalistic look, you should choose a big black and white photo.

Paint a Mural

If you want your walls to transport you to a different place every time you look at them, you should paint a mural on them. Whether you opt for a wall covering or hire somebody to paint your wall for you, the mural will have a big impact on everyone that sees it.


The above wall decoration ideas will come in handy if you live in a small apartment. Of course, you have to choose the ideas that will work best for your space.