What You Need to Know Before Buying a Watch

When purchasing a new timepiece, you need to consider your budget above everything else. Although you can find cheap watches that will last long, you might also end up buying fake luxury watches. Here are the things that you need to consider when buying a watch at different price points:

Under $250

Watch Movements

It should be possible to find a timepiece with quality movement at this price point. The most common movement in this bracket is a quartz movement. If you want timekeeping and reliability, you would be better off choosing a quartz watch. Automatic watches are usually more expensive, but you will find a few of them in this price range.


If you want a steel watch, you should opt for grade 316L or above because this type of steel does not oxidize. This means that it will not rust or corrode when exposed to acidic and salty liquids. When buying a steel watch, you should choose one that is solid instead of hollow.

Cheaper brands make hollow steel watches, which are of low quality. You also need to check whether the bracelet or case of your steel watch is solid by doing a quick inspection of the side. When it comes to choosing a strap, you should opt for brown leather, which lasts long. However, the strap choice boils down to tastes and preferences.

Under $500


If you are willing to spend more than 200 dollars, you will encounter many brand watches instead of generic ones. You will also see many fashion watches. When buying expensive brands, you should know that you are mostly paying for the name because the movement comes from the same place as the affordable watches. Although there is nothing wrong with splurging to buy a certain brand, you should know that a higher price tag does not necessarily mean better quality.


If you are looking for a quality watch in this price range, you should research a bit more. Most mid-market timepieces have mediocre materials; this means that you should do more digging to find good watches. At this price, you should be looking for sapphire instead of mineral glass because it is scratch resistant and more resilient.


You need to pay attention to the watch movement when shopping for a watch. Most mid-priced watches have quartz movements. If you do not want this type of movement, you should spend a bit more to get an automatic watch.


If you are willing to spend more than 250 dollars on a watch, you should make sure that you choose a good design. Most designs in this price point are average, but you can find a quality watch with a little digging.

watch 2

Under $1,000


At this price point, you will find better quality materials, which will make your decision that much harder. However, if you know what you are looking for, the different watches in the market will not confuse you. For instance, if you want a watch with leather straps, you should not even look at any metal watch straps.


You can choose from automatic, quartz, and mechanical watches at this price point. However, the real choice is between quartz and automatic. Most people prefer automatic watches because they are more durable than their quartz counterparts are.


You can choose from many different well-known brands. You should let your taste guide your choice instead of buying a watch because of its brand.

Luxury Watches – over $1,000

If you are willing to drop $1,000 on a watch, you should avoid fashion watches, which come in and out of style. Instead, you should opt for a classic timepiece that can stand the test of time. Since you are spending a ton of money, you should also stick with well-known brands such as Hugo Boss that are known for their quality.


When buying a luxury watch, you have many high-quality materials from which you can choose. For instance, you can purchase a timepiece with diamonds and other expensive stones. Your tastes and preferences should guide your choice of the watchband.


Luxury watches are well known, which makes them easily recognizable. You should opt for brands such as Movado and Patek Philippe, which are well known. Choosing known brands will also make it harder for you to be ripped off when buying online from sites such as


Your watch movement choice should be guided by your preferences. You can opt for quartz or an automatic watch, depending on what you like. You should research the specific watch that you want to buy before making a final decision.


Buying a watch can be daunting, especially if you have never owned a watch before. The above tips will help you to choose a watch that suits your style and budget.