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Attracting millions of American readers, Maggwire makes discovering magazine content a unique experience. Utilizing social intelligence, our system recommends articles you will enjoy reading.

The future of magazines

Maggwire’s goal is to lead the industry toward a successful digital transformation. We are performing the most comprehensive analysis of articles and readership patterns ever attempted. Our purpose is to distinguish high-quality journalistic content backed by reputable authors and eventually provide readers with the ability to read premium magazine content online with a single click.

The next generation Maggwire is under development and is packed with powerful features and offerings.

Our Beliefs

We believe in focusing on lifestyle and encouraging people to enjoy their time while reaching out to information, as well as the soundness of their mind.

We believe the highest goal should be the wellness in communities and on the earth. It is most effectively accomplished through education and promotion of sustainable, healthy life habits.

We believe we can all gain the greater understanding of our life and lifestyle choices by learning from others with similar interests, concerns or experiences.

We believe more than ever that our personal actions have wide-reaching, global effects. While it might seem to be a minor change to replace an incandescent light with an energy-saving bulb, or to choose organic broccoli over conventional (despite the extra cost), these actions, however small, have a larger impact on the world (and your body and mind health) than you can imagine.

We believe that the best information can be obtained from both experts and the community as a whole. We will give you access to highly knowledgeable experts, as well as tools to filter, share and rate information and to learn from others.

We believe in the power of natural and holistic living, embodied by the following principles and practices:

  • Recognize the integrity of the whole person, the uniqueness of each individual’s experience,
  • Recognize and facilitate the responsibility of individuals and communities to direct and influence others.
  • Optimize, prevent and heal through healthy nutrition and holistic eating habits, and healthy balanced living in sustainable communities.
  • View each person in the context of his or her family, community, and environmental circumstances.
  • Always keep in mind the integrity of information we provide on Maggwire about gift ideas, fashion, culture, gadgets, etc. to be as eco-friendly as possible.

How Maggwire Works

Based on your historical reading preferences, Maggwire learns what you like to read. As you rate articles, we begin to create content on user interests. The more content you rate, the more accurate our recommendations become. Here is how it works:

1. Discover articles

Discover the best content you might otherwise be unaware. Maggwire links you to the highest quality content. Clicking on the article headline takes you directly to the magazine article.

2. Rate articles

Rate articles with your comments, so we understand your reading preferences. The more posts you rate, the more personalized your reading experience becomes.

3. Share articles

Share and link to Maggwire articles utilizing the ‘Share Article’ button for each post. Share interesting articles with your friends and family.

4. Discuss articles

Expand the reading experience and explore each article’s comments by clicking on the ‘comments’ option below each post. You can discuss or share thoughts about what you read and interact with other like-minded readers.

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