Apricot Jam Recipe

Apricot Jam Recipe

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Apricot Jam Recipe

Women love to talk about jams, jellies, and marmalades. They dream about them. They pass the pictures of preserves around on Facebook.

Some of us can make these at home; others can’t, but everybody wants to. Ironically for me, I haven’t made a single batch before, and neither have my mom and grandma. They just never learned how.

When I came to Oregon ten years ago and settled, I began to cook these for the first time, figuring things out as I went. I’ve since made them with farm-grown raspberries, pricey imported figs, and cherries. In fact, I got so into jams and jellies over the years that I began to think of fruit as an artistic medium.

As it happens, I’ve made this insanely delicious batch yesterday using apricots halves. Although there isn’t a lot of local apricots, I found that store-bought organic apricots from California work just as well in this delightful traditional recipe. All the better if you can find apricots locally-grown and in the season.

Here is the fresh apricot jam recipe for you – print it today, cook it when you get the chance:


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