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Aussie Bites Recipe

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aussie bites recipe

Aussie Bites Recipe For Cookie Lovers

Aussie Bites are what this little fiber packed cakes are nicknamed by many. There are even companies that sell small containers of these at large wholesalers all over the USA. Make sure to read the labels if you decide to buy rather than make this simple recipe. This recipe uses nuts, whole grains, and limited glycemic sweeteners and has about 3 grams of fiber per 2 bites.  These Aussie Bites are also Vegan!

The nickname for these healthy fiber bites seems to have originated from the fact that the indigenous peoples of Australia were known as “bush tuckers” which were hunter-gatherers. These bites are considered ‘Bush Food,” as they are nuts, seeds, berries, fruits, honey, and grains that could forage. Vanilla, cloves, and citrus are flavors often used in sweets from Australia as well. Macadamia nuts and Damper (Australian Soda Bread) are iconic foods from Australia.

What Is Anzac Biscuits?

Anzac biscuits are similar to Aussie Bites. It is also a favorite sweetened hard tack type wafer made from butter, syrup, rolled oats, flour, and hot water. The basic Anzac recipe is in the Aussie cookbooks starting in 1915. Anzac biscuits travel well. It was thought that these biscuits were sent to the front lines with soldiers to consume. But they were actually made for large events or parades, and even sold to help fund the war effort during World War I.  People also call it Anzac wafers, crispies, or tiles.

Anzac biscuits are quite crisp, whereas Aussie Bites melt in your mouth and are made in healthier alternatives to be less like a cookie and more like a seed and fruit cake for high-powered protein, fiber, and energy. We call Aussie Bites another name at our house: Energy Bites. Since they are jam-packed with nutritional goodness robed in sweetness. It is hard to keep them to just a serving of two a day. They are exceptionally yummy!


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