Baby shower favors creative ideas

22 Baby Shower Favors Your Guests Will Adore

Baby shower favors make the difference if you are planning a shower for your future baby. With this in mind, we’ve got you covered with the best favor ideas you might have never thought before.

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Bouquet Of Candles

Consider giving a bouquet of candles as baby shower favors. Your guests will love them!

Bouquet Of Candles

Bouquet Of Candles: $13.99

Candles instantly make any area friendlier and cozier. They add soft, flattering light and smell good. What else could make a better gift?

There’s a huge trend in candle bouquets! They look like flowers, so it makes them a unique gift for the springtime. I highly recommend lavender or lilac candle scents.

Put a modern twist on this traditional gift by going floral! Integrate flowers or greens with the candles, nestled in a small wicker basket.

Accompanying message:

Light a candle,
let it burn brightly.
I’ll soon be with you,
both day and night.

Everyone loves candles, making this one our favorite for a shower.


Personalized Chocolate

What can be better than chocolate? Try personalized chocolate!

Personalized Chocolate

Personalized Chocolate Set Of 24: $17.99

Hands down, no questions asked, we all love chocolate. Dark, milk, mint, hot or raw, chocolate is always a good gift, and incorporating it will make guests “ooh” and “aah” at more than just the baby.

The real trick is to make the chocolate more than just chocolate. Make it personalized! Many companies will add personalized touches to all kinds. You can do anything from putting the baby’s name and D.O.B. on the packaging, to having the logo of your choice “stamped” onto the chocolate itself! How neat!

Create your bars of chocolate and include the color scheme of your shower. Find M&M’s with the same color of your theme. Just press them into the chocolate as it is cooling.

Accompanying poem:

I thought you’d like this chocolate,
It sure tastes yummy!
It will be a short while before we can both fill our tummy!

I’m getting hungry when thinking about chocolates!


A Baby Shower Captured!

A personalized picture complete with a frame makes a beautiful favor.

personalized picture

Personalized Picture Frame Set Of 72: $70.07

This idea borrows from the wedding tradition of taking pictures of the guests with the bride and groom.

Snap, photos of your guests posing with the expectant mother. Let your favor be a frame for the picture. Print out the picture and give the frame at the shower or send the picture on a later day.

If you email the pictures, edit the pics first and include little flowers or other niceties.

Accompanying message:

Picture me coming,
I’ll be here before you know it.
We can then take our picture together,
I’ll be happy to show it!

Creating a unique background for the image can make this an even better idea.


Bath, Body, and Soap

Soap and body lotion are one of the classic shower favors. Let’s get one thing straight; all women love to smell good! That’s the reason why there are thousands of body lotion and soap brands.

Handmade Organic Herbal Soap Bar

Handmade Organic Herbal Soap Bar: $6.99

Bath, body and soap make a coveted favor. Many soap shops will stock baby powder scented soaps which are certain to make a splash at your shower. One of the latest trends in this industry is soaps made of all-natural materials. These soaps are often made into a “log” shape, cut off and sold by weight.

Consider buying bulk soap which comes in the log shape. Tell your attendees to cut off their bar of soap. Package the soap with tissue paper colored in the theme of the shower.

Accompanying poem:

With this soap,
you can scrub a dub.
And over your body,
This lotion you can rub.

If you give the gift of good scent to your attendees, you’ll also be spreading good vibes wherever they may go. Peace!


Shower Gel With A Note

From one shower to another, everyone appreciates a gel with a note. Few gifts are better received than shower gel. It’s a practical gift and a luxury, all rolled up in one would be perfect.

Shower Gel With A Note

Shower Gel With A Note: $3.57

You can purchase the shower gel set above or pick one you love from a spa or any retail store. You’ll find they come in all sizes from large to travel sizes. Choose the size you find most appropriate for your guests.

You can decorate the shower gel with ribbons. Some may want to wrap the gels in baby shower wrap which matches the shower’s theme or color scheme. Either way, you’ll want to attach a little thank you note.

The shower gels can be adapted to be part of other baby shower themes. Body And Bath Works has a Sweet Pea shower gel which would be perfect for a pea in the pod baby shower.

Accompanying message:

From [mom to be]’s shower to yours, we thank you for your attendance on this blessed day.

Everyone loves a good shower gel, yet this is an item we often forget to purchase for ourselves. Shower gels make a great baby shower favor!


Give The Gift Of Music

Having a soundtrack for your shower and giving it is a favor is worth considering!

Everyone loves listening to music, attending live music events and discovering new music, genres, and tastes. Not only is music enjoyable to listen to, but it also can produce a profound emotional effect on its listeners. We often associate favorite songs with a ‘time and place’ and music often evokes memories from different periods in our lives.

Consider playing a music CD (try a soft jazz or international mix) and playing it softly during the shower. Later, when attendees are leaving, present the CD to them, packaged with an original tag, and consider it a gift worth remembering!

If your honoree has many favorite artists, consider mixing a CD with a medley of songs.

Accompanying poem:

Without your support,
this pregnancy would seem long.
So I’m showing my thanks,
through these cherished songs.

By incorporating music into your baby shower, you can add all the emotion of the music, while helping to establish a sound to your shower that people can listen to for years to come.


Baby Bottle Candles

This ideal shower favor combines a cute baby bottle with the soft glow of a candle!

Baby Bottle Candles

Baby Bottle Candles Set Of 24: $15.99

Half the fun of a baby shower is preparing for the event with friends and family. Creating baby bottle candles is an activity you can enjoy together before the party!

Baby bottle candles are adorable and easy to make. Simply melt paraffin wax (or existing candles) in a double broiler. Prepare empty glass baby bottles for each of your guests.

You’ll also need wicks, which you can buy from any craft store. Measure the wick about 1/2 taller than the bottle. You can trim it after the candle is cooled. Then, melt the desired number of candles in the double broiler. After the wax has melted, carefully pour the wax into the baby bottle with the wick in place. Let the candles cool and harden (may take several hours) and trim the wick before burning.

You can make the candles in the color scheme of the baby shower. Add extra fun to your candle by mixing tin foil, glitter or other small, non-flammable objects to the wax. Be creative!

Accompanying message:

Let this candle
burn so bright.
I’ll soon be with you,
both day and night.

Always remember to use a double-broiler when melting the wax. Never melt wax over an open flame!


Create A Customized Bracelet

Listen up, you creative types. This one is for you!

Jewelry Designer Findings Kit

Jewelry Designer Findings Kit: $14.36

Are you looking for an artsy gift idea? Consider creating your bracelets to be given as shower favors. You’ll only need a couple beading supplies. The bracelets will remind your guests of the fun, the place and most importantly the baby. The sky is the limit, so you don’t have to stick to a pink and blue color theme when choosing beads. You’ll need:

  • Assortment of beads and spacers
  • Stretch cord
  • Scissors
  • Beading pliers

String the beads and tie a double knot at the end. Secure with a dab of glue and pull one bead over the knot. Use pliers to tighten and secure.

Consider making bracelets with a seasonal color theme. If the baby is born in October, choose warm autumnal colors. A spring baby could inspire pinks, yellows, and pastels.

Accompanying poem:

My hands are tiny,
and so are my feet.
So I can’t yet wear this bracelet,
But if you could, it would be neat.

Your guests will always remember it. A customized bracelet makes an amazing favor.


Seasonal Shower Favors Ideas

Use your calendar to find the perfect favor! The year has many seasons, and every season comes with a unique idea.

When choosing a favor for your shower in the spirit of the season will attach extra significance to the occasion. We have a list of seasonal gifts for the attendees.

How can you do it?
  • January: Snowflake ornaments, snowman decorations or homemade hot chocolate mix.
  • February: Valentines Day offers endless ideas, but add personal touches by including the baby’s name and date of birth to personalize gifts.
  • March: As winter finally starts to leave, a mixed CD with upbeat tunes is a good pick-me-up gift idea.
  • April: April showers bring May flowers! Anything having to do with rain or beginning of spring would be great. How about a rubber ducky with shower gel?
  • May: Fresh flowers are always a great gift. A single tulip or gerbera daisy is fitting.
  • June, July, August: Summer evokes thoughts of sun, heat, freedom and travel. Use your imagination! Some of our ideas are personalized ankle bracelets, mini lotion or sunscreen, gift certificates to ice cream or coffee shops, or a summer best-seller book.
  • September: Back-to-school is what is on the mind in September, so why not give useful, personalized pens? Another idea could include a mini lunch box filled with candy or baked goods.
  • October: The onset of autumn and Halloween are prime October events. Candles with pumpkin scent or even Halloween candy packaged in seasonal containers would be fitting.
  • November: Decorating a cute box and filling it with homemade sweets is memorable and delicious.
  • December: There is no lack of gifts in stores in December, so anything from holiday lotions, handmade goods, chocolate or Christmas tree decorations could be ideal.

Instead of the having, the gift marks the season, consider finding gift wrap that marks the season. Seasonal favors are always a fitting gift.

Accompanying message:

Any traditional note or poem will do.


Chinese Takeout Favors

These Asian inspired favors are perfect. Wrap it in beautiful Chinese takeout boxes! Fill these boxes with your choice of party favors. Chocolate covered coffee beans, raisins, cranberries or other foods are good fillers.

Specialty fortune cookies

Specialty fortune cookies are also a great filler. You can personalize your cookie online.

Accompanying poem:

The future looks bright: a baby is on the way!

Guests will say “Xie Xie” when they get these cute Chinese-themed party favors.


Coffee, Tea, and Cocoa

Everyone is jonesing for java these days. Give them this bean-inspired shower favor.

Valhalla Java Whole Bean Coffee

Valhalla Java Whole Bean Coffee: $15.19

Drinking coffee and tea has become a daily routine for most Americans. I have some great ideas for caffeine aficionados.

There are endless ways to give the energy through coffee and tea. Searching online will reveal assortments of mugs, fresh coffee blends, and accessories. It is a better and faster option to find something for the attendees.

To add your edge, start with your container (mugs, baskets or tin containers work well.) Next, add small bags of coffee beans, or tea blends if you prefer. From there, add chocolate and sweets, honey sticks and flavored syrups. To personalize it baby shower style, add an engraved spoon with details about your little bundle of joy.

Accompanying message:

All this caffeine,
Fills my cup.
I’ll need it bad,
just to stay up!

We get energized when thinking about a good coffee!


Scented Drawer Sachet

Giving out fresh scented drawer sachets to your guests is a dynamite idea. The clean, fresh scent will remind them of the newborn.

Scented Drawer Sachet

Scented Drawer Sachet: $15.97

Everyone can use a scented drawer sachet. You can make this homemade baby shower favor by using small squares of fabric. There are many varieties of cotton, eyelet or cheese cloth. Cut the fabric into 7-inch squares, leaving the edges raw.

Find the perfect filler for your sachets. Fragrant dried flowers work well (try roses or lavender) or head to the local craft store to find potpourri. Fill the fabric squares and tie the bags shut with a coordinating color of ribbon.

You can personalize the fabric by sewing on applique. Many baby themed styles are available.

Accompanying poem:

I’ll soon be here,
You’ll soon be waiting no more –
Now you can think of me,
every time you open your drawer!

Newborn babies conjure up thoughts of baby powder and other fresh scents. It is a great favor to make your memories.


Sunscreen Lotion

Sunscreen lotions help prevent cancer, making them great favors for outdoor baby showers.

The sun’s UV rays are a leading cause of skin cancer, but sunscreen helps protect against this outdoor hazard. When you give sunscreen as a shower favor, guests will know the hostess cares about their well-being.

Coppertone suntan lotion

Suntan Lotion: $9.97

Coppertone suntan lotion has an adorable child and dog as part of their logo, making this an ideal type of cream to be given. You can present a sunscreen to the attendees with kids. Adorn each tube of lotion with decorative ribbon. Remember the higher the SPF (sun protection factor) number, the more protection from the sunblock delivers.


Also, many sunglasses block UV rays, making this a perfect alternative to sun tan lotion.

Accompanying message:

The baby will soon be here,
its future is already looking bright.
And the baby will soon learn,
It’s best to avoid the harmful effects of sunlight.

This shower favor is perfect for an outdoor shower during the spring or early summer months. And this serves as a great reminder for guests to guard against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.


Make Charitable Donations

Many baby shower groups would rather help a cause than to bring home a favor. This favor is for them.

A baby is a blessing, and its arrival is a time to celebrate and cherish a new life. For your shower, you’re grateful to friends and family for their love and support and want to show them. But sometimes, a gift just won’t do it.

In times like this, why not consider making a donation to a charity in the names of your baby shower attendees. We often forget there are others who need our support. The arrival of a baby is the perfect time to rejoice in your blessing, but it’s also a time to reflect on those who maybe aren’t so fortunate.

Just create cards and note what charitable organization was the beneficiary of the donation.

Our Recommendations

We especially recommend making a donation to organizations that deal with children in need. The Christian Children’s Fund, The Child Welfare League of America, The Salvation Army and The National Center for Children in Poverty are some ideas.

Accompanying poem:

“There is no time left for anything but to make peace work a dimension of our every waking activity.” –Elise Boulding

We love this idea and encourage all to give what the can to help the less fortunate.


A Little Surprise

Surprise! Guests anticipate what they’ll be getting as a favor and what other guests received.

This fun idea is especially well suited for surprise baby showers. Guests will be anticipating similar looking favors. These favors will be different sizes, weights and have different wrappings. Head to a dollar store, TJ Maxx or another factory outlet to pick up a variety of inexpensive items. Wrap each baby shower favor differently. Guests won’t know what they are receiving or what they could have received had they chosen a different favor!

A hostess can give the same shower favor, but wrap each one in different size boxes!

Accompanying message:

We hope this shower favor surprised you,
We hope it made your day.
[Mom-to-be’s name]’s baby will soon be arriving,
This final surprise is still on its way!

The fun will continue long past the baby shower. Guests will be calling each other to see what their friends and family received as a favor!


Personalized Magnets

Those looking for the unique one of a kind shower favor should consider making personalized magnets.

Personalized Magnets

Personalized Magnets: $8.99

One has to look hard to find a truly unique baby shower. Consider creating personalized magnets for something totally creative.

Many companies offer personalized magnets for all sorts of occasions. Although baby shower magnets may not be the most common, we love the idea of giving them to shower attendees. Those having a pea in the pod shower might consider creating a magnet picturing pea pods. If this is an office baby shower, consider making magnets of the company logo redone in pastel baby colors!

If the shower is after the baby’s birth or an adoption baby shower, the magnet can include a cute picture of the baby. It could be accompanied by birth details (date of birth, time, name, etc.) or by a quote or short poem. You can find personalized magnets online.

Accompanying message:

“A new baby is the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.” -Eda J. Le Shan

Giving personalized magnets is not a typical baby shower favor, and that’s why we like it!


Baby Bottle Candy

This baby themed sweet treat is always a welcomed favor. Babies are cute, and candy is yummy. Why not combine the two and come up with a tasty and adorable baby shower party favor?

Baby Bottle Candy

Baby Bottle Candy Set Of 24: $9.00

We just had to include the cute, baby-themed candy in this list! Some have shapes like baby feet, some like pacifiers, and there are even shower-themed cookies available. Buy the treats and fill them in empty glass baby bottles! Or any other type of glass container would do.

Be sure to add a little gift tag to the bottle with decorated ribbon. Add an accompanying quote or verse, and this gift is good to go!

Accompanying poem:

My gift is this candy,
I hope it tastes yummy.
When we can eat this together,
We’ll both fill our tummy!

Everyone will love this convenient favor. If there is a diabetic known within the group, you can give a baby bottle filled with dried fruit or wild rice.


Pens and Pencils

They make great souvenirs and people will remember your shower party for years when using them.

Pens and Pencils

Pencil Bag Plush: $1.33

Pens and pencils are personalized with the words:

[mom-to-be’s name]’s Baby Shower
[the date]

You can tie them together with ribbon or put in a plush pencil bag like the one above.


Create personalized erasers, frisbees, insulated cups or any other useful item for your guests. Or better yet, personalize jumbo pencils.

Accompanying poem:

Pencil in my arrival date,
I can’t wait to meet you all.
We’ll soon be making memories together,
Winter, spring, summer, and fall!

We love this idea since it creates useful items you know everyone can use. Give any excess pens and pencils to your honoree to use in her home or office.


Popcorn Baby Shower Favors

Plain, caramel, cheese or kettle: popcorn makes for a yummy favor. Who doesn’t love munching on popcorn?

Popcorn Flavoring Variety Pack

Popcorn Flavoring Variety Pack: $37.95

Popcorn serves as an excellent, neutral baby shower favor. Package an ample amount of flavored popcorn (like caramel, chocolate-covered, cheese, etc.) in a lovely bag for each guest to bring home.

Get creative and mix up a zesty popcorn party mix:

  • 1 cup cheese-flavored crackers
  • 5 cups microwave popcorn
  • 1 cup Cajun party mix
  • 1 cup spicy peanuts (found in convenience stores)
Accompanying message:

Soon I’ll be popping into your lives, but in the meantime, enjoy this replacement!

Popcorn as a baby shower favor is a great fit for a sports themed baby shower.


Honey As A Favor

Bee prepared. Guests will love receiving some honey. Nothing is sweeter than honey. It’s considered the eternal symbol of love.

Small honey jars

Mini Honey Jars Pack Of 60: $49.90

Small honey jars as favors is also a splendid idea. If using small glass jars, create ‘Mommy to Bee’ adhesive labels to place on the front of the jar. If giving the plastic bear type of honey container, add decorative ribbons around the bear’s neck.

The honey is ideally suited for bear and bee related themes such as the stuffed animal theme or the Winnie the Pooh baby shower.

Wooden honey drizzlers make a great addition or a great substitute for the honey.

Accompanying poem:

Honey bees have been working hard,
To create this honey for you.
We’ll soon be able to share this treat,
We’ll create some memories too!

Are you looking for the best possible grade of honey? In general, the clearer the honey, the better quality it is.


Flower Seeds

Shower favors don’t have to be complicated to be great! I think the ‘seed packets’ will grow on you!


flower seeds

Sprouting Seed Set: $15.99

Flower seeds are packaged baby shower style in pink or blue (or any preferred color) net or fabric. This baby shower idea borrows from the popular wedding tradition or giving guests bags of bird seed when the couple exits the church. Consider including a lovely plant pot with the flower seeds.

You can also pack bird seeds for baby shower guests. It is especially a good idea if children are in attendance, as they will love feeding birds.

Accompanying message:

With these seeds you’ll find out – The baby isn’t the only thing about to sprout!

This shower favor is especially fitting for a flower pot baby shower or the pea in the pod baby shower. Get your guests ready to garden!


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