The Best Five Apps for Reaching Fitness Goals

Smartphones have made it easier than ever to accomplish the tasks of daily living, from sourcing recipes for dinner to keeping track of hectic family schedules. So, it’s no wonder that people looking to lose weight or accomplish fitness-related goals are looking for the best apps for fitness.

Whether you’re hoping to run your first 5k race or lose a few pounds for your health, using apps can help provide structure and accountability. Here are the five best apps for reaching fitness goals.


Noom is advertised as “the last weight-loss program you’ll ever need!” Which, in a world filled with weight loss programs claiming the same thing, doesn’t seem like a big deal. What sets Noom apart from the rest, however, is that it doesn’t promote a fad diet or overly restrictive and unsustainable habits. Instead, it helps you understand your inner motivations and makes recommendations on which foods to eat and which to avoid.

Noom offers a $1 two-week introductory period followed by a $129 four-month subscription. Is the cost worth it? According to an expert review on Pretty Sweet, when you factor in the cost of a nutritionist and the fact that it works out to about $1 per day, the answer is yes.

Nike Training Club

Nike is an iconic institution in the world of athletics and a multi-billion dollar business. Their Nike Training Club app is filled with a rich bank of apps, categorized by the equipment required, the part of the body they target, and overall impact (endurance, strength, mobility, etc.) The workouts come with videos, timers, and a voice guide to walk you through the movements.

The best part about the Nike Training Club app is that it’s absolutely free. Additionally, there are no annoying ads on the app; the app itself serves as a lookbook and promotional platform for Nike on its own.

Sleep Cycle

When you think of fitness and weight loss, sleep probably doesn’t come to mind. However, sleep plays an important role in weight loss, training recovery, and overall health and wellness. Studies have shown that poor sleep hygiene can increase the risk of obesity by anywhere from 55-85%.

Using the Sleep Cycle app can help regulate sleep patterns and ensure that your alarm goes off in the most convenient part of your sleep cycle. Sleep Cycle Power Nap is another version of the app in which you put your desired amount of sleep. The app then senses when you fall asleep, setting the alarm from that point.


ACTIVEx is an app that allows you to build your own HIIT workout while building on the sense of community that makes Crossfit such a success. With ACTIVEx you can join or build a “Pack” of other members, choosing your friends, other parents, people in your area or people in the same sedentary career as yourself.

ACTIVEx offers a diverse array of workout options to cover a variety of fitness goals and equipment. They’re partnered up with X Training Equipment to sell fitness equipment gear packages that take the stress away from beginners trying to establish an at-home gym.


The Fabulous app is habits-based whole person development app that sets small daily goals to build routines and healthy habits over time. This sustainable approach promotes a healthy lifestyle change that gives users control over their destiny. Starting with the simple task of drinking water every morning, and growing to add exercise and mindfulness practices, Fabulous promotes a growth mindset that can help you reach your goals successfully over time.

When it comes to using apps, don’t be afraid to try a few trials before committing to a paid subscription. When it comes to your health and wellness, paying for a premium app is a smart investment.

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