best bassinet for newborns

Best Bassinet For Newborns & Toddlers

best bassinet for newborns

Once you have welcomed the newborn, their security, comfort, and safety become your immediate priorities. You want to create a bond with the newborn that will last forever, and there is no better moment than at this time. For the first five months, you will probably want to them spend their nights in your vicinity. However spending the night in another room and using child monitors might not be an option, spending the night in the same bed as the infant is not safe either.

Bassinets make it possible to spend the night in the same room with the child without necessarily sleeping on the same bed. Below is the best bassinet we have reviewed so far.

1. HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

Buy Now: $249.99

HALO has three kinds of bassinets under the Essential and Premiere Series. Under the Essential series, we have Honeycomb and Harmony Circles. Under the Premiere series, we have the Classic Damask.

Classic Damask is an older model and more established, and the other two are the newer models which are a little spin from the original Classic Damask. We are therefore going to look at the Classic Damask. HALO Bassinest will be used to refer to only this model.

Unique Features:

The following are some of the unique functions that are in the HALO Bassinest;

  • 360-degree rotation: This bassinet has a feature that makes it possible for a complete rotation.
  • Adjustable stand: The single stand on this bassinet has a flexible system so that you can regulate its height to the height of your own bed. This is one of the most unique features on this bassinet.
  • Musical system: This is increasingly becoming a very common feature of the modern bassinets. The system uses two AA batteries. It has a different kind of lullabies and two levels of vibration. Auto nurse helps this system to shut off at the set time.
  • Stable base: The base has four bases equally spaced out. This is tucked in under the bed, therefore, appropriate to have a low lying bed for this. The bases are also long enough to ensure a safe distance with the wall.
  • Translucent mesh: the sides of this bassinet are made of a porous translucent mesh.
  • Sliding mesh: The mesh on the bed edge that has the controls is adjustable. This means you can lower down the mesh and pick the baby without having to stand up. This mesh also goes up automatically.
  • Storage pockets: HALO Bassinest comes with two side pockets to keep the baby’s accessories in the reach by.
  • Nightlight: A night light is also fitted that will help soothe your baby to sleep for you.
  • HALO Bassinest is 100% Polyester: This material can be dismounted and is is easy to wash and can even be machine washed.

Why should you buy this?

The following are some of the merits of purchase a HALO Bassinest;

  • The 360-degree rotation: This unique feature makes it possible for a mother to turn the baby even when she is sleeping without disturbing the baby. Once the position is achieved the lock mode will prevent any other movements.
  • Safety: Tucking the stands under the bed not only brings the baby closer to bed but also ensures that the bassinet will not fall. The stand having four bases also ensures that the weight is properly distributed.
  • Comfortable breathing: The use of a net on the sides ensures that there is proper air movement withing the bassinet. This will really boost the health of the baby.
  • Easy picking up the child: Once the baby cries as it wakes, all you have to do is lowering down the net and picking it without necessarily standing up. This makes it easier for the mother if you are also sleeping with somebody else in the same bed, you don’t really have to make them up.

HALO Bassinets cons;

  • Immovability: The bassinet is highly immovable since it is not fitted with no wheels underneath it. This makes it ideal only for use in the bedroom.
  • Proper for lighter babies: This bassinet is to be applied to children of about 20 pounds and below. When kids start to roll-over and crawling, leaving them on this bassinet might be a bit dangerous.

Who buys this product?

This would be a product for anybody. It’s, however, to note that it is ideal only for young, light babies weighing 20 pounds. It would also be very usable to mothers who have had C-section and are incapable of moving around a lot.

Why we think that HALO Bassinest number one?

Unlike any other bassinet that we have, HALO presents some very unique quality. Most bassinets are ideally the same but branded differently. The single stainless steel stand, the 360-degree rotation, and the sliding mesh that will go back automatically once released are unique qualities that can only be found in this product. Nursing mothers who have undergone C-sections are also catered for by this model.


Runner up: Arm’s Reach Concept Co-sleeper Bassinet Mini Arc, Natural

Arm's Reach Concepts Co-Sleeper Bassinet Mini Arc Natural

Buy Now: $144.99

Product features:

  • Breathable mesh on the sides: All the sides of this bassinet are made of an easy to breathe through a mesh.
  • Attached to the bed: As an alternative to sleeping in the same bed with the baby, this bassinet comes with a mechanism that enables it to be attached to the bed. This will help keep the baby close to it mother.
  • Wheels on one side: For the sake of movement around the house, Arms Reach Co-sleeper has two wheels on the side that one can push around.
  • Below deck storage: Arms Reach Co-sleeper has another layer of fabric below where the baby sleep. This could be used for storage of baby accessories.
  • Wide plank design: When compared with HALO Bassinest, Arms Reach has plenty of space in the plank.

Why should you buy this?


  • Cozy Environment: This barrister as compared to most other bassinets is cozy. Most of its edges are curved making it baby proof.
  • Movements: It is fitted with two wheels that one can lift one and push around the house. This makes it possible just to have one bassinet that can move from the bedroom to other spaces in the house.
  • Safety: Having only two wheels will make it difficult for the bassinet to go on its own. This, therefore, makes it ideal even for kids who are around 6 months since when they move the bassinet does not move also.
  • Attachable to the bed: Since the bassinet is attached to the bed, it allows one to keep an eye on the baby. You will also hear him immediately when he wakes up. This property also helps a mother to suckle the toddler while still in bed and to return him into the bassinet once done.
  • Plenty of space: Arms Reach co-sleeper has plenty of space as compared to other bassinets in the market. This makes it ideal for bigger and grown babies up to nine months. This is also good for the breathing space of the child.


  • Limited movements: Having only two wheels it will mean that one has to lift one of the sides and push. This could be an issue with mothers who have has C-section delivery.
  • One has to get up to pick the baby: Unlike in HALO Bassinets, which has a side that folds, on this bassinet you will have to get up and pick the baby.
  • Fixed non-adjustable height: This bassinet comes only with one fixed height. This can become an issue if its height is lower or higher that of the bed.
  • Cannot rotate: Once you have placed this bassinet you cannot comfortably rotate it around without having to wake up the baby. It is also a little bit inconvenient that you cannot move the baby once you are in bed.

Due to its two wheels, it becomes slightly more mobile compared to the HALO Bassinet. This could make it preferable to people who keep moving withing the house, and you want to keep an eye on the baby. The fact that you can pick up the baby while you are still in bed makes it ideal for mothers who have had a C- section.


3rd Place: Kolcraft Cuddle N Care 2-in-1 Bassinet and Incline Sleeper

Kolcraft Cuddle N Care 2-in-1 Bassinet and Incline Sleeper

Buy Now: $99.88

Just like the name suggests the Kolcraft Cuddle has an incline Sleeper inside that makes is so unique compared to any of the bassinets. It’s for the sound health of the baby that it always sleeps in an inclined position to facilitate a proper flow of blood. It also has straps inside to help hold the baby usually in position if required.

Unique Features of the Kolcraft Cuddle ‘N Care;

  • Four wheel: This bassinet is usually fitted with four wheels on all sides that make it fully mobile.
  • Lock mode: When the bassinet is on its own or at night, the lock mode is activated. This makes the wheels disappear instead of disabling them.
  • De-attachment: The top incline sleeper can easily be removed to make it look like a traditional bassinet.
  • Electronic Unit: Just like most modern bassinets the Kolcraft Cuddle is fitted with an electronic unit. This unit is unique in the most way as it plays classical music on top of the regular vibrations and favorite baby tunes.
  • Storage units: Under the child deck, there is a large room for baby clothes and other baby accessories.

Why should you buy this?

The following are some of the advantages associated with Kolcraft Cuddle Bassinet;

  • Large storage unit: This bassinet has an adequate storage space for storing most of the baby clothes and other accessories that might be required most of the time.
  • Easy to move around: Having four wheels, it’s unlike any other bassinet that we have reviewed. This makes it more preferable to anybody who would like to move a bassinet more often around the house.
  • De-attachment property: The fact that one can remove the top part and use the bassinet as a traditional bassinet make it unique. Apart from using it in the house, you can even use it outdoors or even go to the car with it.
  • Lock-mode: If one does not want a bassinet moving around especially at night when the baby moves you can quickly put it in lock mode. The lock mode will ensure the safety of the child.
  • Sophisticated electronic system: Unlike most other typical bassinets the electronic system fitted here has more variety to choose from. It is also equipped with bear toys for visual stimulation.

Disadvantages of the Kolcraft Cuddle ‘N Care;

  • Non-adjustable height- the fact that you cannot adjust the height of this bassinet gives it a huge problem. One cannot actually set the bassinet to the preferred height or the bed height.
  • Lock mode dangers- While on lock mode, the wheels disappears underneath. This makes the bassinet completely immobile. When the baby is big enough to move around, this feature can be extremely dangerous as the whole bassinet can roll over.
  • Cannot rotate- Unlike the HALO Bassinest, Kolcraft Cuddle ‘N Care too cannot actually rotate around. You have to be in a standing position for you to pick up the baby.
  • You cannot get the baby while you still in bed. You have to get up for this to be possible. This could be difficult for mothers in pain and also disturb any other person in the same bed.
  • It is not tied to the bed in any way- This does not provide the comfort of sleeping while watching the baby.

Who would prefer buying Kolcraft Cuddle?

This would be perfect for a mother who stays in the house but actually moves around the room. It also is good for a person who would prefer driving with their children due to its de-attachment property.

I hope that this bassinet review will be useful to you when you are tied in between choosing the best bassinet.


  1. Buy Buy Baby – Halo Bassinet
  2. Wayfair – Kolcraft Cuddle ‘n Care
  3. Walmart – Arm’s Reach Mini Arc Cosleeper

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