The Best Hiking Boots For Women

10 Best Hiking Boots For Women ( All Purposes )

The Best Hiking Boots For Women

Women’s hiking boots and shoes have a huge difference in price from traditional walking boots to the knee-highs. Of course, this has something to do with style, design, and quality of materials used. We tried to review the best hiking boots for women in its category, whether it be for fashionistas or real walkers. I’m sure we covered all types for every hiker.

Best for day hiking: Keen Targhee Mid II

Keen Targhee Mid II women

Buy Now: $48.52

It’s not only lightweight but also very comfortable in its price range. It’s one of the least expensive boots on our list, but it has the best toe protection with patented toe cap. It only requires a very short break-in period of a single outing and has an aggressive tread with 4 mm lugs.


Best for backpacking: Lowa Renegade GTX Mid

Lowa Renegade GTX Mid

Buy Now: $163.54

Lowa Renegade is our top pick for backpacking for its durable construction, comfort, support, and superior water resistance. The ankle support is excellent, and the build is sturdy. You need a short break-in period to feel more comfortable. If you are a serious backpacker, then this is the perfect choice for you.


Best for spring hiking: Asolo Futura GTX

Asolo Futura GTX

Buy Now: $207.99

It’s for the people who enjoys serious walking. The one-piece upper suede leather, the waterproof Gore-Tex lining, and the hard rubber toe cap provides added protection that won’t let anything in. The self-cleaning system adds to the already impressive grip which is stunning.


Best for summer hiking: Ahnu Montara

Ahnu Montara

Buy Now: $91.96

Regardless of the area of use, in all our reviews and ratings, Ahnu Montara deserves the top spot. The ankle shaft is the highest among its peers which make it ideal for creek crossings. Though the high ankle, Gote-Tex lining, and Vibram sole have water and debris protection, due to its light weight (1.8 pounds per pair), the ankle support is not as good as the Lowa Renegade. But it doesn’t change the fact that it’s the perfect choice for ladies.


Best for fall hiking: Berghaus Ladies Explorer Active GTX

BERGHAUS Ladies Explorer Active GTX Boot

Buy Now: $170.17

Berghaus Ladies Explorer Active GTX is a fully equipped, robust and sturdy boot perfect for most of the toughest trails. Good news is, it comes in half sizes, too which is somewhat hard to find when it comes to women’s boots and shoes. The outer sole grips to anything. The Gore-Tex lining and the uniquely designed inner surface is waterproof, comfortable and anti-odour.


Best for winter hiking (in mild conditions): Regatta Lady Northstar

Regatta Lady Northstar Winter BootBuy Now: $79.95

Regatta Lady Northstar is a bang for the buck for the stylish girl in you. It’s a winter boot, so it’s not a good idea to wear them in fall or spring. It’s also practical. The grip is extremely good, and the coating makes it easy to clean. Tough it’s not Gore-Tex, the Isotex provides an excellent waterproof capability.


Best for fast hiking: The North Face Hedgehog Ultra Fastpack

The North Face Hedgehog Ultra Fast

Buy Now: $119.90

The North Face Hedgehog is a trainer type boot that will give you a running shoe feel rather than a regular walking boot. It’s perfect for fast-paced tracks if you are a fast hiker. Gore-Tex and the Vibram sole provides extreme waterproofing. It’s lighter than any other boot and the most colorful on the market.


Best for manual labor: Mountain Warehouse Adventurer Women’s Waterproof Boots

Mountain Warehouse Adventurer Waterproof Boot

Buy Now: $49.99

It has a reputation for the cleverly priced outdoor kit. While these aren’t the cheapest of the series, they’re unquestionably the best pick of their price range. It has no Gore-Tex or Vibram, but the synthetic upper is still waterproof, and the grip from the outer sole is impressive. You may buy these for low-level walking.


Best for fashionistas: MuckBoots Women’s Muckster II Ankle Boot

MuckBoots Women's Muckster II Ankle Boot

Buy Now: $72.96

Who says you can’t be stylish when walking? The Muckster II Ankle Boot is another cool looking fashionable leather boot. The grip and the outer sole will keep you safe over most severe conditions. Its leather shaft provides decent ankle support.


Best for money savers: Hi-Tec Maipo Waterproof Women’s Boots

Hi-Tec Maipo Waterproof Boots

Buy Now: $114.20

Hi-Tec Maipo’s Vibram outer sole provides fantastic grip on most terrains which makes it a perfect fit for everyone. It has no Gore-Tex, but the suede upper offers exceptional waterproofing. The construction quality will enable money savers to wear them for several years.


Best for everyday walkers: Teva Kimtah Waterproof Mesh Hiking Shoe

Teva Kimtah Waterproof Mesh Hiking Shoe

Buy Now: $69.99

You may think that this pretty looking boot may not have as much ankle support as you expect from any other boot on the list. But it’s not a typical footwear as you think. You will feel it when you wear it, and that’s what makes it an everyday pair. Waterproof upper and outer sole are made of leather with an impressive amount of grip.


Best for health buffs: Mammut Mercury Advanced High II GTX

Mammut Nova Advanced High II GTX

Buy Now: $200.00

Mammut produces top notch technical footwear and the High II GTX is not an exception. It’s a boot everyone can confidently put on when walking around different terrains. The nubuck outer sole and leather uppers are made of high-quality materials. The Gore-Tex lining and the Vibram are standard. The ankle support is impressive which makes it a winner for long-distance treks.


Best for the chic: AKU Tribute II LTR

AKU Tribute II GTX Ws

 Buy Now: $189.95

AKU Tribute is Italian made boot which has its style over others and is among the best. If you want to walk long tracks and still look chic, this one is perfect for you. The upper is made of leather with Gore-Tex lining; the outer sole is Vibram, and the build quality is flawless. Buy these if you are looking for durable and chic looking boots.

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