Condor Hotel

The Best Luxury Boutique Hotels in the Northeast

If you are looking to book a comfortable hotel surrounded by little traffic and with less noise, then look no further than the Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn.

In Brooklyn, you are guaranteed to come across several fancy hotels uniquely designed to give the customer the kind of comfort that they are only used to at home. Boutique hotels have quickly grown in Williamsburg, with customers willing to cross the river from Manhattan each day just to come back and rest in Brooklyn. 

These hotels offer wonderful customer services and experiences that leave them wanting more—a good example of an excellent boutique hotel to visit when in Brooklyn is the Condor in Williamsburg

This hip and the modernized hotel is great for families, business travelers, or leisure travelers seeking to visit the attraction sites that surround it. The hotel is also located close to major railway lines, thus making it convenient for people who like to move around. 

Amenities offered at the Condor Hotel

The rooms in the hotel are all fit with kitchenettes that have microwaves, mini-fridges, and coffeemakers for those people who like doing things on their own. 

Outside the hotel is a beautifully manicured garden that has been designed to provide visitors with individual space if they need privacy. 

The rooms at the hotel are large enough to accommodate families without feeling crowded, and a playground is available for children to play in when the parents need rest.

The small size of the hotel means that its staff is always available to the customers whenever they are in need, and they offer personalized services. 

When you check-in at the front desk in the hotel, you are welcomed with an assortment of refreshment to get you relaxed as you check-in. 

The hotel also provides a safe and secured packing at a small fee of only $25 per night for those who may need it. Parking in New York has always been a problem, so this comes as an added advantage.

The Condor Hotel is also surrounded by many bars, and restaurants that offer various dishes in case the customer prefers to eat out. Ordering food from outside is also allowed at the hotel. 

Offer on Rooms

Making advanced bookings at the hotel guarantees you a particular discount depending on the number of nights you are staying.

When you book a room for three nights, you stand to get a 10% discount whereas five nights will get you a 15% discount.

Purchase on rooms starts from as low as $187.

Attraction Sites

While at the hotel, it is also good to note the multiple tourist attraction sites that surround the hotel. And in case you are new to the place, a guide can be provided for you by the hotel. The following are some of the sites that you can visit while there:

  • The Brooklyn Bridge
  • The Brooklyn Botanical garden
  • The Brooklyn museum
  • The Brooklyn Navy yard
  • The Barclays center

Visit and get your booking started for your next vacation. 

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