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The Best Recipe Apps For Your Smartphone Right Now

Whether it’s a homemade pasta dish or a lemonade recipe, millions of people worldwide enjoy producing food and drink from the comfort of their own homes. Not only do you know exactly what you’re putting into your body as a result, but creations can end up tasting better than in the shops and provide a relaxing activity to carry out in the process. 

We all use our smartphones for practically everything these days, be it online banking, finding a soulmate using one of the hundreds of dating apps out there, or even for ordering in food at the touch of a button. Alongside performing these functionalities, taking high-quality images, and visiting a site with 15 different Live Roulette games, people are turning to their sophisticated, modern-day smartphones for inspiration in the kitchen in the form of apps. Some of these apps offer endless recipe recommendations. In contrast, others might point you in the direction of a few new ingredients and educate you on various cuisines from around the world. 

With that in mind, here is a look at some of the best recipe apps for your smartphone right now. 

Forks Plant-Based Recipes

Championing the benefits of a plant-based diet, the Forks Plant-Based Recipes app offers a selection of more than 400 meals from 50 of the most respected chefs in the business. New recipes are continually added every week, too, making it a detailed and hugely informative app for people keen to learn more about a vegan diet. The app comes with step-by-step instructions, an array of delicious photos to look at, and shopping lists to help you keep track of your grocery shopping. 


A hugely popular recipe management app at the moment, Paprika is a great tool to use if you find any recipes online and need a place to store them. The app also enables users to create a shopping list, plan future meals, set cooking timers, and a whole lot more. Paprika isn’t free, but it’s most definitely worth it, especially if you’re keen to establish a library of cooking material at the touch of a few buttons on your smartphone device. 



A free app with a large following on social media, Tasty serves up some of the tastiest recipes on the internet. With its vast array of treats from a variety of different cuisines, all accessible via what is a slick and easy-to-use app, Tasty has you covered with pretty much everything. You can find detailed instructions for certain dishes, watch videos of food being prepared, shop for recipe ingredients through the app, and plenty more. 

Oh She Glows

An excellent option for people keen to maintain a plant-based or gluten-free diet, Oh She Glows has hundreds of recipes to access. Not only do they look tasty but with health at the forefront of this app, they’re generally good for us to eat too. Each recipe tends to include a brief description, helpful directions, a list of useful tips, and detailed nutritional information alongside each ingredient and accompanying every dish. The filter tools are excellent on this app, in particular, allowing users to find the best food for them based on their specific dietary and even allergy requirements. 


With its comprehensive offering of more than 350,000 recipes at the time of writing, BigOven has your back for even the most terrifying of cooking assignments. There are loads of simple and stunningly tasty recipes to sample, you can take pictures of your creations, make grocery lists, and even share information as you interact with friends and family too. 

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