Magic Shroom House Backpack

Best School Backpacks for Superheroes, Hipsters and the Pink-Obsessed

The Best Backpacks for Back-to-School

We get it! Picking out a brand new backpack for the brand new school year might just be your kid’s favorite part of back-to-school shopping. Whether you’re in the market for a pint-sized pack for preschoolers or an extra-roomy one for a big kid, we’ve got a style (and size) for every kid. Here, our picks for the best school backpacks for back-to-school.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go… $37


The difference between a trip to school and an adventure is proper equipment. This bag’s roomy interior has space (and two pockets) for a traveler’s many supplies, and long voyages en bus can be spent plotting future expeditions.


Super Mini … $70

Earn props from your popular kid with this leather, quality Steve Madden pack. Its sturdy handle and secure dual straps might just outlast the fad.


Press To Start: School Day … $55

D-u-u-u-de. Shaped like an old school Nintendo controller, this is a little gamer’s dream bag. With the cell phone and organizer pockets, extra-long interior, and cheapo price tag, you might want to grab one for Dad while you’re at it.


Lil’ Fun Guy: Fungi House Backpack … $52

Magic Shroom House Backpack

Your little kid will love stowing things away in this totally cool toadstool. This colorful backpack has an easy-access drawstring opening and magnetized flaps over all pockets to keep the treasures inside the extra safe.


Easily Expressed … $35

jansport big student pink pansy wanderlust

A little pink and a whole lotta punk, your girl, will love this-this wild bag that’s got “free spirit” written all over it… literally.


Standout Satchel … $30

dakine capitol

It’s cool, ethnic motif and bright, popping color blocking are bound to get this bag noticed (by peers, by motorists). The size is perfect for active learners, too. It’s roomy enough for a big kid’s books.


Storage Space … $20

Hiking Backpack

Kids need space to stash their “treasures” (i.e., eraser bits, gum wrappers, pen caps) somewhere, and this sunshiney-satchel is just the thing to keep stuff safe.


Blast From the Past … $70Retreat Backpack

This awesome denim backpack made by Herschel. What really rocks, the black, faux-leather straps, and totally non-designer price.


3…2…1… Blast off! … $27

Rocket Ship Explorer Backpack

Like all true rocket gear, this pack is seriously tricked out. An insulated lunch bag detaches for light roving missions, and bottles and pens stay securely strapped in separate pockets. Best part: weary little astronauts can safely dock this spacecraft to your stroller via the special strap.


A Friend Indeed … $45

Pieke Red Backpack

Meet your preschooler’s new main squeeze — he’s cuddly, might be a monkey, and has irresistible floppy ears. He also doesn’t mind a toss in the washer. Score!


Mioooww … $13

From the circular shape to the bright yarn “mane,” there’s nothing scary about this too-cute, just-the-right-size lion pack for pre-schoolers.


More is More … $28

Burton Gromlet Backpack

Sure, the print is dotty, but we’re digging the functionality of this cool pack: The padded straps look sturdy, and two outside pockets are way better than one.

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