best standing desk mat

Best Standing Desk Mat (Anti-fatigue mats)

best standing desk mat

Standing for long hours takes a toll on the body, people suffer pain and discomfort in all parts of the body. However, there are a few jobs and professions in which the individual has no choice but to stand for an extended period of time. There are situations like standing at the retail counter, standing for operating machines, etc. which require a person to stand at a position for long hours. Even at homes, women stand for hours in the kitchen especially when they are cooking.

To ensure the best health of the individual most doctors and healthcare professionals recommend the use of Anti-Fatigue Mats for a comfortable standing position and better support to the body.

The growing number of standing desk users and increasing healthcare issues in individuals who stands for a significant portion of the day has increased the demand in the Anti-Fatigue Standing Mats in the global market.

With a boom in the industry, there are manufacturers around the world who manufacture top quality mats. Here is the best standing desk mat we picked for you:

Cumulus PRO Commercial Grade Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat

Cumulus PRO Commercial Grade Anti-Fatigue Comfort MatBuy Now: $75.00

The Cumulus Pro is the best anti-fatigue mat available in the market. The high-quality product is one of the most popular anti-fatigue mats around the world.

Why should you buy it?

Cumulus PRO Commercial Grade Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat is manufactured with a focus on quality instead of cutting down the price by using cheaper materials. The mat gives great support to the body, and it remains intact for years. The commercial grade mat offers better support and relieves the user from all kinds of stresses. The comfy padded base gives the users a great amount of relief from all sorts of pressures.

Why we picked this product?

The product is made up of high-quality material. There are a few key offerings of the product that made it stand apart from all its competitor.

Soft Pad

The pad of the mat is very soft that gives a very comfortable standing platform, an individual can stand for hours on this mat without any sign of stress.

Hard Base

Although the mat has a certain level of softness because of the padding, it is rigid enough to support the individual for long hauls. A rigid platform is necessary for stability, lumber support, and a fatigue less session. While working at a standing desk or a cash register of a retail shop, balance is necessary. A hard base gives better stability than a soft base mat.

Beveled Edges

The beveled edges give a signature style to the mattress. It looks elegant, and there are a few advantages of the design too. A user cannot trip from the bed because of the beveled edge. The beveled edges make it very easy to clean the mat.

High-Quality Material

The Cumulus PRO Commercial Grade Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat is made of high-quality material ensuring that it lasts for a few years. There are no signs of deformation or shape loss even after months of usage.

Lumber Support

The mat offers better lumber support than most of the competitors. There is a significant increase in comfort due to improved stability because of a hard base. A user was asked to stand for a whole day on Cumulus Pro and then the mat was replaced with another on the next day. To our surprise, almost every user reported Cumulus to be better.


The mat is very durable because of an additional durable outer shell. It does not deform easily, and it can bear the impact of pointy objects to a great extent and is designed to last. During testing we dropped knives, forks and other objects to make sure it can withstand such impacts on day to day use.

Who Buys Cumulus PRO?

The mat is slightly overpriced than its competitors making it a tough decision for the first time buyers. Although, those who have already tried and tested other mats understand the quality and value of Cumulus Pro. The mat is best for those who intend to stand for at least three to four hours a day. Other mats will deform over time while this mat will offer the same comfort over time.

What To Look For?

When buying CumulusPRO Commercial Grade Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat always look for the mat on various sites. There is a huge gap between the prices on different websites.

Other Great Alternatives

There are some other great standing mats on the market. These are equally good but differ in a few qualities.

Here are a few alternatives.

iMovR EcoLastTM Premium Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat

iMovR EcoLastTM Premium Anti-Fatigue Standing MatBuy Now: $109.95

iMovR Ecolast gets the second spot in our testing. However, iMovR is inferior regarding design aesthetics when compared to Cumulus Pro. The mattress offers a very comfortable standing position, and you can stand for hours without fatigue.

Why Cumulus Is Better Than iMovR Ecolast?

The Cumulus mat and iMovR are almost equally priced and give equal comfort. However, Cumulus is much more durable and better looking than the iMovR Ecolast. When one is investing hugely of a mat, they should get the best. Cumulus is perfect while iMovR lacks on design.

Who Should prefer iMovR Ecolast?

If you are considering to join multiple mats to cover a large area, iMovR mats will be better than the Cumulus mats. As these are flats and will perfectly join each other to form a large mat.

Safewalk-Light Heavy-Duty Anti-Fatigue Mat

Safewalk-Light Heavy-Duty Anti-Fatigue MatBuy Now: $49.95

Safewalk-Light Heavy-Duty Anti-Fatigue Mat is an economical heavy duty anti-fatigue mat in the market. It’s priced strategically to attract customers. However, it lacks in quality of material. The mat comes at half the price of Cumulus or Ecolast mats, but it is not as durable as these mats. The mat is a great buy for users who have the limited budget but are looking for a durable anti-fatigue mat.

Why Cumulus Is Better Than Safewalk-Light Heavy-Duty Anti-Fatigue Mat?

The mattress is not as good as Cumulus regarding quality and durability. It looks inferior in appearance and shows aging signs after a couple of months of usage.

Who should prefer Safewalk-Light Heavy-Duty Anti-Fatigue Mat?

If you do not have a budget to buy Cumulus mat, you can buy Safewalk as a great alternative. The mat is heavy duty and lasts more than other Chinese and Asian brands.

These are the three best mattresses available in the market with different budgets and different offerings. Cumulus PRO Commercial Grade Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat is the best anti-fatigue mat with an extensive support to a body for long standings and is very durable at the same time.

It stands apart from rest of the Anti-Fatigue mats available in the market. Cumulus mats are great as they are made of great material. It makes it very easy to stand and provide a very well cushioned and stable platform to stand for long hauls. We strongly recommend you to buy Cumulus Pro Anti-Fatigue mats, but if there is a lack of budget, Safewalk-Light Heavy-Duty Anti-Fatigue Mat is a great economical alternative to the mat.

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