Bridal Shower Ideas

3 Unique Bridal Shower Ideas: Gift, Decoration, Favor, Food

Bed and Bath Themed Bridal Shower Party

Shower the Bride with a Bed and Bath Themed Party

I’m 100% positive you will love these bridal shower ideas. Your engaged friends are looking forward to making a home together. Why not give them a head start with a bed and bath shower? Help them stock the shower and decorate the guest room or their room with everything they need to sleep (ahem) in peace. Throw the bride-to-be a bed and bath bridal shower.

Bed and Bath Bridal Shower Invitations
Click the image to see these cute invitations

Bed & Bath Bridal Shower Invitations:

Send guests invitations for the bed and bath bridal shower, so they know the theme. For a very girly bride-to-be, check out these Pink Bubbles Bed and Bath Bridal Shower Invitations. If she is more of a traditional bride, you may want to pick these Bed & Bath Wedding Shower Invitations. If the bride-to-be is a very stylish lady, send out these Bed & Bath Bridal Shower Invitations. Make sure to include who is throwing the party, the place, date, time, how to RSVP, and where the bride is registered.

Bed & Bath Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas:

Set the bed and bath theme by creating a relaxing environment. Place these Robin’s Egg Bridal Shower Soap Centerpiece on each of the tables. You can also put a few lavender vanilla candle jar on each of the tables for a pretty scent. Finish off the table decorations by sprinkling Red Rose Petals around the table.

Bed & Bath Bridal Shower Food Ideas:

Keep the bed and bath theme going when you serve the food by creating a breakfast in bed feeling. Instead of having a place setting for each guest already set up, leave that spot empty. For a smaller shower, rent serving trays from a restaurant or hotel and bring guests their bunch on the tray. Place a Bud Vase with a flower in it on the tray. For a larger shower, just serve the meal and reuse the tray. Along with the vase, have a Tropical Fruit Salad and Whole Grain Waffles with Strawberries and Whipped Cream.

Bed & Bath Bridal Shower Gift Ideas:

Celebrate two becoming one with these gifts that both the bride-to-be and the groom will enjoy. At the dawn of a long day, the newlyweds can slip on their cozy Mr. and Mrs. Bathrobes. A great smaller bath gift to give is the Organic Handmade Bath Soap Gift Set that they can share. If you would rather give them something for the bed, they might like these Together Mr. and Mrs. Pillowcases so they can dream of their future together.

Bed & Bath Bridal Shower Favor Ideas:

For this theme, there are a lot of great favor ideas. Send guests off with one of the Body Butter Favors, which you personalize with the couples names and wedding date. Another idea guests are sure to enjoy the Facial Cleansing & Exfoliating Beauty Sponges. These favors can be customized in various ways by picking out the scent of the soap, and the printing on the label. For a sweet smelling treat, send guests away with a Lavender Sachet that they can place in their lingerie drawer.

Kitchen-Themed Bridal Shower

Cook Up Some Fun with a Kitchen-Themed Bridal Shower

Does the bride-to-be love to cook? Throw her a kitchen shower!

Kitchen-Themed Bridal Shower Invitations:

Let the guests know the bridal shower theme right away by sending out cooking-themed invitations. Fill in all the details and then order these Kitchen Bridal Shower Invitations. If the groom loves to cook as much as the bride-to-be, you can put these Culinary Couple Shower Invitations in the mail.

Do you think the bride-to-be and her groom would be interested in trying out your shower guests favorite recipes? Include a Kitchen Bridal Shower Recipe Card in the envelope with the invitation. Instruct the guests to write down their favorite recipe and bring the card with them to the shower. This way the newlyweds will have a bunch of new meals to choose from!

Kitchen-Themed Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas:

Set the kitchen theme by attaching different food balloons like a Strawberry Balloon, Banana Balloon, Peas Balloon, Apple Balloon, and a Bunch of Grapes Balloon around the room. For centerpieces, order the Sentiments Candle Garden Espresso for each table or make your own.

Kitchen-Themed Bridal Shower Food Ideas:

Celebrate the bride-to-be by serving a heart-shaped brunch. If you are at a restaurant, ask if the brunch food can be prepared in the shape of heart. If you are preparing it, get creative with this idea. Start by chopping up a fruit salad and then arranging it in a heart shape. For the main dish, use this Heart Shaped Egg Mold to make both the eggs and toast into hearts. Don’t forget the drinks! Serve mimosas or other fruit juices. Keep them cold by using ice from the Heart Shaped Ice Cube Tray.

Kitchen-Themed Bridal Shower Games:

Have guests create their masterpiece to wear in the kitchen by decorating an apron. Have a separate table where a few guests at a time can bring over their Canvas Apron. Leave a supply of Duncan Scribbles Dimensional Fabric Paint and let guests get creative!

Kitchen-Themed Bridal Shower Favor Ideas:

No one wants bad breath after eating a meal. Gift your guests with kitchen appliance themed Bridal Shower Mint Tins to keep their breath fresh. Another cute idea is to leave a measuring spoon and heart whisk at each place setting as a favor. Finally, guests can take home these Personalized Salt and Pepper Shakers for use in their kitchens.

Kitchen-Themed Bridal Shower Gift Ideas:

A unique idea that works well for a kitchen shower is to have a wishing well. This is when guests bring a smaller item along with their gift. For a kitchen shower was wishing well, guests could contribute anything from a spatula to a pizza cutter. For a larger gift idea, you may want to suggest the Kitchen Towel Set, which comes with towels, an oven mitt, four kitchen tools and a holder. Another idea is to gift her with a cookbook and a Recipe Box to hold all of the recipes she will receive at the shower.

Gardening-Themed Wedding Shower

Plant Some Love with a Gardening-Themed Wedding Shower

Does the bride-to-be have a green thumb? Throw her a garden themed shower.

Gardening-Themed Wedding Shower Invitations:

If it isn’t flowers or vegetables, let guests know that the bride-to-be is having a garden themed shower with outdoorsy invitations. If both the bride-to-be and the groom like to plant, you may want to pick up these funky, plant these bold Garden Flowers Bridal Invitations in guests mailboxes. Fill in the wheelbarrow with all of the relevant details and then send out these Garden Wedding Shower Invitations.

Gardening-Themed Wedding Shower Decorations:

Bring the outdoors indoors by recreating a garden look. Scatter Bridal Shower Topiary‘s at the different tables or place one at each guest set to double as a decoration and favor. In the center of each table, place a Garden Party Lollipop Bouquets. At the end of the shower, guests can pick a pop or two from this edible decoration to take home. You can directly order or make your little floral arrangements for the center of each of the tables. String up these Garden Party Light Up Lanterns around the room and turn them on to give more of a softer lighting feel. If there is space around the room, hang some Big Butterflies on the walls.

Gardening-Themed Wedding Shower Food:

In keeping with the garden theme, serve a seasonal vegetable-based spread. Start guests off with a Roasted Root Vegetable Soup. For the main course, give guests a choice between a Garden Chicken Salad or a Mediterranean Steak Salad. For dessert, guests will enjoy Flower Power Mini Cupcakes, which are made with marigolds. You can also serve a selection of fruit dipped in chocolate.

Gardening-Themed Wedding Shower Gift Ideas:

Give the earth loving bride-to-be The Organic Gardener Gift Basket.The canvas tote holds tools and gloves along with sweet treats she can indulge in after a long day outdoors. If the bride-to-be needs some pampering as well, give her a Gardening Basket that is loaded with both essentials for the garden and Burt’s Bees beauty products. If you don’t want to give a gift basket, sign her up for a Seed-by-the-Month Subscription, which will mail an appropriate seed for each month. This is a great way for her to expand what she plants!

Gardening-Themed Wedding Shower Favors:

Get your guests gardening by gifting them with their own Personalized Seed Packet Favors have an assortment of wildflowers. Guests will also enjoy taking home their own Watering Can Candle. If you want to send them on their way with something sweet, pick up these Personalized Bees and Flowers Cookies.

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