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Burberry: What Makes the Luxury Brand So Unique?

When it comes to British luxury designer houses, no other name holds as much respect and popularity as Burberry does, and that reputation is well deserved. However, this very fact once again tends to lead us to the same question; why is it that Burberry has earned that much respect and love within the designer clothing industry? What makes the brand so unique among various other British designer brands which have also made a name for themselves in the world of fashion?

The answer to those questions is deeply rooted in the history of Burberry Clothing itself, as well as the influence which Burberry has had on the evolution of high-end, luxury fashion. As we go through some of those facts and unique bits about Burberry, things should begin to make more sense.

Burberry Has More than a Century of Legacy in Fashion

Burberry Clothing was established by Thomas Burberry in 1856, making it one of the oldest fashion brands in existence today. Back then, Burberry Clothing was still a family-controlled company, but due to its growing size and stature, it has now assumed a PLC (Public Limited Company) status.

It is only natural that a designer brand from London, which has been in business for more than 164 years, would have the experience necessary to produce some of the best clothing and accessories that the industry has to offer to its patrons. Their history even goes beyond just high-fashion and into the First World War territory, which brings us to the next point.

Burberry Designed the Trench Coat for British Officers During World War I

Unknown to many, but well-known to those familiar with the history of fashion, the famous trench coat was originally designed together by Burberry Clothing and Aquascutum. Although the trench coat has seen plenty of modifications since its early days in the First World War, it did not start as the iconic fashion wear it today.

It was originally designed to be worn exclusively by British military officers who were fighting in the trenches. Even during the war, the trench coat was gaining popularity among soldiers of all ranks. Still, after the war, Burberry’s trench coats gained massive popularity among the English civilians.

Burberry Invented Gabardine

The very fabric which these trench coats of old were made from was also invented by Burberry Clothing and introduced to the public in 1879. What makes gabardine unique is the fabric’s ability to be water-resistant and breathable at the same time. It’s also an extremely tough fabric which made it perfect for military use. Not only were officers wearing a trench coat able to stay comparatively dry in the trenches during rain, thanks to the breathability of gabardine, but the coats also did not make them sweat and dehydrate in hot and humid temperatures either.

The Burberry Nova Check

The Burberry Check is legendary in its history and significance and has since “inspired” plenty of fellow luxury designers from all across the world to adopt it with slight variations. The original Burberry Nova check was first seen as a lining in the trench coats, which we discussed above. After the war, it represented the status of luxury and exclusivity. 

Now that the Nova check has again resurfaced as a fashion trend in recent years, Burberry Check Caxton and Jameson shirts are being sold at exclusive, luxury brand retailers like SSENSE. SSENSE only deals exclusively with top of the line fashion brands and their best products, so the entire line of Burberry clothing and accessories you will find on there are all on-trend or classic hit releases from the British designer house.

Burberry and Explorers: A Famous Combination 

Major F.G. Jackson was in charge of the team that managed to map the Arctic Circle for the first time, and he did so while wearing Burberry clothing. Burberry also outfitted Roald Amundsen in their brand, when he and his team had set out to become the first men soon to reach the South Pole.

The famous aviator and the first pilot to complete a trip from London to Manchester under 24-hours was Claude Grahame-White, and he did so while wearing the famous Burberry logo. Then it was Ernest Shackleton who was wearing Burberry while being making his name in history as the first man to lead a team across Antarctica. The list goes on, but these should provide us with an idea regarding the kind of famous explorers that Burberry had been associated with, decades before most modern luxury brands came into existence!

Burberry has a rich legacy in a fashion that spans more than one and a half centuries. In this time, it has left countless influences that encouraged evolutions in the fashion industry. After a resurgence of the brand name when no one expected it, these factors have together established Burberry Clothing Group PLC as one of the most prominent, respected, and popular brands internationally.

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