Designer Cardigans for Women

Aside from the underlying reasons humans wear clothes, which is to cover nakedness and protect the body from the effects of the sun, wind, cold, and all the other weather and environmental conditions, clothing also serves other essential purposes.

It is a mode of expression for an individual, an expression, and a display of cultures and traditions and values—no wonder why it is big business with a whole industry centered around it.

As it is with anything concerning humans, there is the need to show some prestige, status, or distinction in everything that concerns them. It is dependent on who they are, what they have achieved, and of course, how much they are worth.

It is true, and it applies, even in clothing. And so we have designer clothes.

What are Designer Clothes?

These are clothes, made or designed by cloth/dressmaker of repute. These dresses are usually of exceptional quality and are unique in their style and design to the maker.

Thus, they can generally be classified as stylish, luxury clothing, bearing a well-known fashion designer’s signature. You can read more here.

Why are they popular?

Designer clothing is a “thing” in the world today. They are very popular, and people strive to get them despite their exorbitant costs. The question therefore is, why are they so popular?

Well, they are popular for the following reasons:

  1. They are Always of Good Quality: This is one assurance that one has whenever designer wear is purchased. They are also very durable.
  2. They are Consistent: This is also as a result of their quality. Buyers can continue to use them over a long period, and in this way, one becomes known with a particular brand and style.
  3. It can be a Status Statement: This is another reason why these wears are so fashionable. It is usually taken for granted that this clothing class is only worn by the high and mighty. Anyone who therefore wants to identify with the class will be expected only to wear such clothing.
  4. They are a Collector’s Item: Due to the effort and quality that goes into their production, they sometimes only make limited editions meaning they will not go commercial. The exclusivity of these particular wears, therefore, makes them collectors’ items.
  5. Fashion Trends: Put in simple words, they set the fashion trend. Thus, if you are to stay abreast of the fashion industry trends, you would have to keep up with these designers because they usually set the pace.

What are Cardigans?

These are garments made in the fashion of the waistcoats that the British army officers wore during the Crimean war. It was named after the 7th Earl of Cardigan, a Major General named James Brudenell, who featured prominently in that war.

While it does have similarities with the sweater, it is different in that it is collarless, opens down the front, and has buttons in the front. It is also usually worn over a shirt. You can read more here:

Cloth brands were not left out in this as they set to work, providing quality cardigans rich in quality and design. Women were not left out in this trend that has come to stay.

women in cardigan

Designer Cardigan Options for Women

Currently, there are different types of these top brands and fashionable cardigans that they can choose from. They include:

  • Those with no buttons or hooks though they may come in different styles
  • Wrap cardigans that look like the Indian shawls. They are very fashionable and trendy these days.
  • The long tunics that may or may not come with buttons. Most, however, tend to come with buttons.
  • The zipped variations have zippers rather than the buttons. They are usually worn in place of jackets.
  • Long designs that are similar to the tunics and serve as a replacement for long coats.
  • The Boleros are known as the cropped cardigans. As the name implies, they are very short.
  • Belted designs that are open in front but with a belt or sash to match.
  • The jacket/hoodie types come with a hoodie, an open front, or a zipper.
  • Vests that are perfect for cold nights when you do not feel like putting on a sweater.

The good thing about these options in designer brands is that you have an awesome selection. These options will help you achieve class with style.  


There will always be the need to stay trendy and fashionable. It can be done regardless of the occasion.

Whether it be for a simple outdoor stroll, a casual outing, or a cold day, you can look trendy in with the right designer cardigans every day.

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