Diy Christmas gifts

11 Unique DIY Christmas Gifts

Christmas is right around the corner. If you need to figure out some creative gift ideas, we have a list of 11 unique DIY Christmas gifts for you.

Toothpick Christmas tree

Toothpick Christmas Tree

Now it’s time to make something to put your gifts! Of course, this toothpick tree isn’t quite the right size, but it’s cute nonetheless. Why not place a few on your mantle for a sweet holiday touch? Buy 15 medium-size styrofoam balls and a round styrofoam ring. Take a styrofoam ball and stick toothpicks all around it, so the result looks sort of like a big snowflake. Do the same thing to all the styrofoam balls. Set out your styrofoam ring. It will serve as the base of the tree.

Place the balls around the ring. When you’ve covered the ring, create a second layer. It will be a little smaller than the bottom layer. When you’ve completed the second one, create a third. It will also be a little smaller than the previous one. At this point, the tree shape should be apparent. Keep adding layers until the tree is complete. When you’ve finished forming the tree, take out your can of snow and spray. You want a nice, thick cover, but you’ll have to build it up slowly. Be sure to let each coat dry thoroughly before adding the next. Once you have a beautiful snow-covered tree, insert the ornaments carefully. You now have a toothpick Christmas tree!


DIY Cork Wreath

DIY Cork Wreath

I love a good Christmas wreath, and each year I try to craft a different one from the year before (with a tight budget in mind!). This year, I’ve been saving my wine corks to tackle this cork wreath from Good Housekeeping. Adorable, festive and textured, this would look lovely in a modern kitchen or outdoor space. Better yet? It’s super easy to make!


Decorate A Fashionista Christmas Tree

Decorate A Fashionista Christmas Tree

I’m one of those crazy holiday decorators who enjoys donning my Christmas tree with a themed decoration each year. Weird, I know and costly, too. After all, if you can’t re-use your ornaments to decorate with, what can you use? Items from around the house, of course! I’ve been showing a few different thematic Christmas tree decor schemes that you can build using mostly junk items you’ve stashed in the pantry, basement, attic or garage. Add lace, ivory ribbon and pearls to adorn your metallic and oh-so-stylish Tannenbaum. Top off the look with your favorite sparkly brooch and your tree will have an outfit that will outshine your entire wardrobe.

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Macho Man Christmas Tree

Decorating a Macho Man Christmas Tree

So your macho manly man hates to decorate the holiday tree around Christmas time? Give him something he’ll love to play around with a Macho Man Christmas Tree.

Head to the garage or any other man-space in your home and gather anything metal you can find. Washers, levels, and those L-shaped thingies (clearly my days in the garage are few) work great and are easy to hang. Steal a bit of fishing wire while you’re at it. Next, string the washers with fishing wire to make a lovely modern-looking metallic garland. To break up the silver and metal, throw some twine and natural rope on the tree. Instead of a star, use a hollowed-out light bulb. Your favorite macho man will have to let the home improvement projects wait until after the holidays because his tools are on the tree! Fewer home projects mean more time to snuggle up by the fire. Isn’t decor sweet?


DIY Rustic Christmas Ornaments

Rustic tree ornaments

Sure to be a winner with the outdoorsy, ornaments within your circle of family and friends. If you have some dry tree limbs lying around and the means to slice them thinly, this is a beautiful idea courtesy.



Display Christmas Cards

You get so much cheer from the holiday cards you receive, but they have very little joy out of the clutter they tend to create. I have three prominent creative crafts ideas to share for decking the halls with paper greetings.



DIY Wreaths Made From Everyday Materials

Skip the store-bought Christmas wreath and go for something unexpected this season. We’ve got two innovative ideas that let you transform ordinary items like china and feathers into festive DIY wreaths that will wow your house guests.


Mulling Spices & Chai Mix

Mulling Spices & Chai Mix

If you head to a gourmet food store, you’re sure to find mulling spices and chai mix with hefty, eye-boggling prices. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, for minimal effort, you can make it yourself for a whole lot less, creating a beautiful homemade Christmas gift.

All you need is a good jar and some whole spices. Pull together all the ingredients in a nice glass jar, print out user instructions, and put in a beautiful bag for a gourmet gift that costs a mere fraction of the price.

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Cocoa and Marshallows

Cocoa and Marshmallows

Believe it or not, something incredibly simple like homemade cocoa mix can make for a surprising and charming handmade Christmas gift. The trick is coming up with a theme and adding some unique twists to make it all come together.

There are two options for homemade cocoa — one that relies completely on chocolate and requires warmed milk to make, or a mix with powdered milk that can be made with warmed milk or boiling water.

The next step is to add additions. Chunk up some high-quality chocolate to add into the jar mix, and better yet — make some easy homemade marshmallows to go alongside. Just pick your theme and run wild with marshmallows, candies, simple syrup mixes, mugs, and all the goodies that go well with hot cocoa.


Butter From Scratch

Butter From Scratch

With a stand mixer and some whipping cream, you can whip together your own butter, add some flavor, and make an impressive homemade Christmas gift for the cooks on your shopping list.

This couldn’t be simpler. Pour some cream into the mixer, cover with splash protectors and kitchen towels to keep the mess at bay, and run at high speed. It will turn into whipped cream, and then break down to skim milk and creamy butter. Take the butter, press it well with a wooden spoon while adding in salt (if desired). Then rinse with cold water a few times to rinse out any residual milk.

You can package as-is, or add a mixture of herbs and flavor to make a delectable gourmet gift. (Chives, rosemary, garlic, or even brandy are great options!) The finished product can be jarred and labeled, or rolled into a log with parchment paper so that slabs can be cut and served.

The only downside to this gift is that it lasts roughly a week in the fridge, but can easily be frozen and thawed to use as needed.

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Biscotti (the ubiquitous dunking cookie) is an easy and delicious way to amp up that gift of gourmet coffee, tea, or sweet wine this holiday season. Usually, baked goods are slipped into the oven once to achieve that perfect balance between over and underdone. Biscotti, however, is a treat that isn’t ready until it’s overcooked. Derived from “biscotto,” which means “twice-baked,” biscotti was a great eat in Roman times. It was cooked to such a level of dryness that it could be stored for extended periods.

Along with being a great dunking cookie for your favorite beverage, biscotti is wonderful because it can thrive with a myriad of flavors and spices added into the mix. Whip up a couple batches, wrap well, and that simple beverage gift or gift card will be all the more special.

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