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Dry cleaners looking to expand their business? You need these ASAP!

Dry cleaning is a very profitable business if done right. This can be said for most the cleaning services. But for any business to grow, one needs to have two things in place – good financing and up-to-date equipment. With these two things by your side, your business can flourish. 

So if you’re looking to further your small-scale domestic cleaning enterprise into a bigger one where you can entertain commercial clientele and can expect a second call them, continue to read on:

What are the types of cleaning machines needed to start a commercial cleaning company?

Below are some of the basic appliances you must have in your inventory when you’re thinking of expanding your current small-scale dry cleaning business, viz.: 

Upholstery Cleaning Machines: Everyone has sofas, settees, chairs with paddings, etc. be it in their homes or offices. And once or twice a year, your services, i.e. the services of a professional upholstery cleaner are required. An upholstery steam cleaner, for example, and that too a strong and sturdy one, is going to get your job done in a jiffy thus landing you with a good number of customers and better digits in your bank account!

Get more info here regarding the top upholstery cleaning products.

Carpet Cleaning Machines: While an upholstery cleaning machine can be used to wipe the dirt off of a carpet, it’s a good idea to invest in heavy-duty carpet cleaning. Go for a machine that has a power pump, heavy-watt vacuum motors, in-built solution, and recovery tanks along with mobility. 

Floor Scrubbers & Polishers: Whenever a new building is being made or an old one is renovated, one thing that can never be skipped is its floor. If it looks rough or uneven, the entire look of any room or hall can go down in a wink. That’s why your job, as a commercial cleaner, becomes all the more important here. If you have a good floor scrubbing device that also serves the purpose of polishing the floor, you’re golden. 

Vacuum Cleaners: This is very basic. Even if you don’t wish to invest in a lot of machinery, an inventory of some good vacuum cleaners is a must-have in any cleaners’ store. An important thing to keep in mind here is to make sure that your devices are portable as most of the time, not every piece of furniture can be moved to the warehouse and that’s when a portable vacuum cleaner can come in handy. 

If you wish to know in detail about the listed cleaning equipment at discounted rates with convenient financing options, you can get more info here.

Now, let’s talk money: 

Apart from the equipment, we talked of financing. Now, we understand that all of this talk about buying so many of these cleaning tools can get increasingly overwhelming. You might just be nodding that “yeah, we need those”, but how to get the funds for the same, right? 

A good company that offers you good start-up business packages, like paying for a machine on a weekly or monthly basis, can be great for you. Many companies in Australia offer such options. 

Another issue faced by new entrants in the business is getting an ABN. It’s not an easy task to get an Australian Business Number and we get it. Despite that, some companies provide great financing offers on bulk orders. So make sure to order in bulk as then you can unlock various deals and discounts with your respective seller and kick start your journey.

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