Easy Ice-Cream Recipe

5-Minute Easy Ice Cream Recipe

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berry and sugar mix for ice cream

Because of the amazing nature of this easy ice cream recipe, I believe it is my duty to share it with you at the onset of summer heat here in Oregon. It’s delicious, cheap, and quick – and requires no special machine beyond a food processor or a blender you most likely already have. I have also made a couple of updates to this recipe, making it even more flexible and versatile!

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There are many good reasons to add this ridiculously quick and simple recipe to your collection.

Maybe you think that making ice-cream at home is more trouble than buying it.

Maybe you hate unitaskers.

Or think that ice-cream makers are bourgeois.

Or are impatient.

Me, I’m all of the above. Still, when it’s 90 degrees and my kitchen is overflowing with fresh berries, I begin to wonder what life would have been like if I could churn all that summery goodness into a dairy-rich, cold treat.

Enter this recipe.

Everything about this recipe is right:

It requires no ice-cream maker.

It relies heavily on frozen fruit.

It only takes five minutes to prepare.

It is extremely, excruciatingly delicious.

It leaves people endlessly impressed.

But don’t take my word for it. Find out today.

Here is how:

Berry for ice cream

Start with some frozen berries. You can use a 10-oz package of boughten berries, or freeze your own on a cookie sheet. I liked the strawberry version best, but raspberries, which are currently ripe in the garden, are equally amazing, and I can’t wait to try it with blackberries!

Update: You can also use peeled frozen bananas, alone or in combination with the berries. Just remember to cut down on the sugar if you do, as bananas are far sweeter than berries.

Frozen berry for ice cream

Aren’t they pretty?

berry ice cream

Throw the berries into a food processor…

Add granulated sugar, and process until the fruit is finely chopped.

berry ice cream finished

With the blade running, pour heavy cream into the opening in the lid and process just until the mixture resembles ice-cream.

Update: I have since made this recipe with whole milk rather than heavy cream, and it works just as well. You can also use half’n’half or plain (or flavored!) yogurt!

berry ice cream in cup

If you have processed the mixture too long and ended up with a rather soupy-looking product, don’t fret! Pour everything into a container and stick it the freezer, where it will reach the right consistency by the next day.

Ask me how I know.

Whichever the case, it will be perfect after it firms up. Like this:

Easy Ice Cream Recipe

And you can freeze and refreeze it without compromising the texture.

Here is the recipe:

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