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Entryway Wallpaper Ideas for the Traditional Home

Your entryway is the first part of your interior seen upon entering. It sets the stage for the rest of your house. The right decorations ensure that this space truly represents the look and feel of your house as a whole. Giving some attention to your entryway design can give your entire home a mood boost.

Wallpaper is a natural, on-trend way to imbue your entryway with your aesthetic. Here are some ideas for turning your entryway into a beautiful introduction to your traditional home.


Draw Inspiration From the Outdoors

As the entry serves as a transition between the outside and the interior, a wallpaper that echoes colors and shapes found in nature can facilitate the flow of this space. Pick a paper with a similar color palette or with a pattern featuring natural shapes.

Go Bold

Especially if your entry is small, a bold wallpaper can make a striking statement without being overwhelming the way it would be over a larger stretch of wall. For a twist on the traditional, try a mural-style paper. A small foyer presents the perfect setting for a bold punch of bright or dark color.

Bring in Some Light

Consider the primary sources of light for your foyer. If there is little natural light during the day, you might opt for a wallpaper with a classic, neutral design over a metallic background. Metallic wallpapers come in a variety of designs and typically work best in a small space, where they can also lighten their surroundings. For a traditional home, look at small-scale, classic patterns such as florals to tone down the glitz.

Consider the Rest of the House

Incorporate elements of your traditional décor into your entryway. It does not mean matching everything exactly. Instead, look for a wallpaper that picks up and riffs on key elements of your home. Thus, you may focus on a color palette or a theme such as nature. In a traditional home, you will want this focus to remain reasonably subtly.


Use Wallpaper Instead of Art

The right wallpaper can make including an art piece in your foyer unnecessary. In addition to murals, today’s options include textured wallpaper, designs that mimic brushstrokes and specific art styles, and embossed paper.

Consider the Space as a Whole

Whether you want a quick update or you are embarking on a comprehensive renovation project, consider your wallpaper more than anything else you plan to have in your entry space. Maybe you are prepared to be flexible and have not yet decided on what to purchase. On the other hand, you may have a particular piece of furniture or light fixture in mind. In such a case, you want your wallpaper to showcase that item effectively.

Expert in Santa Barbara interior design knows how to create an entryway that flows well between the exterior and the inside of a traditional home. A great wallpaper can add elegance and impact while harmonizing with the environment you have created. Whether your design project is large or small, getting help from professionals can provide you with the fresh ideas you seek.

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