3 Fashionable Boot Options For Women This Winter

As winter draws near, many of us will be swapping out our sneakers thick boots that are capable of fending off chilling winds and puddles of melted snow. But gone are the days of snowshoes and tennis rackets strapped to our feet. There are plenty of fashionable options available for women to stay warm, dry, and looking good. Here are a few great-looking boot options for women this winter.

Short Fleece-Lined Winter Boots

Short and sweet, these easy-to-wear boots are a must-own for any woman expecting snow where they live. Lined with fleece and sporting tufts of cloud-like fur, a short pair of boots are great to have when the snow has freshly fallen and you have no other option than to step through it. Many short winter boots are waterproof as well, guaranteeing that your feet will remain dry for the rest of the day. There is no need to pick and choose where you step with these reliable boots.

Knee-High Winter Boots

This stylish boot is both fashionable as well as functional. Its knee-high height covers your calves in wool-lined coziness that is sure to keep you warm during the cold winter months. Many of these types of boots are also equipped with fur sides near the top which can be folded down to reduce the height to mid-calf, for those that prefer a shorter style. These leather boots come in most colors one would expect, the popular options being black, chocolate, cream, beige, and chestnut. The straps and clips help make these appear elegant while being functional and comfortable. These beauties are sure to catch some eyes and keep you toasty.

Knit Boots

Cute, snuggly, and guaranteed to fight the chill of winter, these plump booties are like sweaters for your feet. While you probably shouldn’t go mountain hiking in them (as they aren’t waterproof), they will keep your toes as warm as pigs in a blanket. They are also pretty affordable, so you won’t break the bank if you want to grab a pair (or two). Similar to Uggs in shape, you can buy these in a variety of colors, both dull and vibrant. These are a great choice for bitterly cold days when the snow has yet to pile up outside your door.

Stay Warm and Stay Stylish!

These are all excellent winter boot options for women looking to keep their feet warm and stylish. Tight footwear that rubs and suffocates your feet can cause blisters or a lump on the side of your foot to develop, but with these heavenly choices, you’re sure to tackle winter with finesse.

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